Annapurna Circuit with maybe tilicho lake 15 th sep

Hello everyone,
I’m now in kathmandu organising everything and i would like to Start on my big adventure on Sept 15 th or 16 th. I’m planning to do the annapurna circuit with a sidetrip to tilicho lake if my Fitness allows it. All in all i have about 23 days to hike and i want to make the most of it.
About me, i’m an 26 year old female from germany with trekking experience in the alps ( biggest Trip so far was Mont blanc circuit 10 days). I want to take my time and don’t overpace,because i will carry my backpack.
If you have similar plans and want to Start to this Trip together drop me a line.



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  1. Kristin,

    I am in Kathmandu right now, arrived today, I am hoping to start my trek on the 16th to do the Annapurna circuit from Besi Sahar to Jomsom. I have about two weeks for this. My plan is to hike with a female porter but I trek slowly, i will be happy to join you the start of your trip. If that suits, email me at hacunamatata81@ and we can possibly arrange to meet up and chat in person. I am in Kathmandu until the 15th, going to Pokhara then.

    Viki, F, 32, Greece

  2. Kristin,
    Right now i am in India and having 2 months off from my college and i was planning for a trek in Annapurna. i have been to trekking before.And a side trip to lake wont hurt, if you are planning another side trip that will also be fine with me :P. i would be very happy to join if you are in a group or have friends with you.
    About me, i am 21 year old. i am into gym and sports so fitness is not an issue.

  3. Hey harry,
    good hearing from you! If you are still in india it might be a verry tight schedule for you, because toworrow i will take a Bus to besisahar and probably Start the Day after. If i missunderstood, i would bei verry happy to meet with you. Tonight i will meet two girls to talk through plans. Nothing set in stone, so you are welcome to join in! Here is my mailadress: