Annapurna circuit with chulu west

i am planning for annapurna circuit trek with chulu west.
looking for friendly partners… oh and full of life too. cause i need people to cheer me up at times 😛

i have been to Annapurna base camp and EBC before.
this trek involves altitudes higher than 5000 and upto 6400 meters. so keep that in mind.

Not planning to start from besishahar, since now cars are there. will try to start somewhere around 2000 meters.

date is sort of fixed. but…well…



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  1. Hey, what are your plans with guides, sherpas etc? I’m planning on doing AC around that time as well, and having a look at Chulu West, it looks incredible! I’ve done a bit of rock climbing and will have done some mountaineering before I get to Nepal, just living in Chamonix at the moment. Looks like an awesome trip, I’m keen to hear more

  2. hey,
    well, i have no climbing experience whatsoever and thats why i have picked chulu west, cause according to “internet” there is no real climbing involved. i have some experience with jumar/descender etc. and altitude wise i have been around 5400-5500 meters. i might have one or two friends with me, but we need to form a group to reduce the cost. and we also want to have a colorful group 😛

    about guides and stuffs, we have a friend in that region who works as a guide around annapurna. so i think we have got a guide there. and about the chulu portion he can manage the rest i believe, like hiring climbing guide and support stuffs.

    but if you have any idea please share.
    and chamonix? man :O i guess you can get all the experience you need for chulu there and some more 🙂

  3. Hey hey!! Very interested to join your trip. But gotta be honest, am only just starting to put plans together so need to figure out is this is feasible for me. I arrive in Kathmandu on the 12th and will need to buy EVERYTHING there (am coming from Indonesia where I work as a diving instructor so no hiking gear!). Is that cutting it a bit fine to join you guys?

  4. Heeeeeey! I’m interested for this plan!

    I’m going to do the Annapurnas Circuit Trek too by my own and during the trek I want to climb a 6000m high peak hiring the services of an agency or guide, I’m planning to do or Pisang or Chulu Far East. Chulu West is OK also for me!

    So I’m looking for someone who wanted to share the costs of the climbing.
    I’ve already talked with a lot of agencies and I have a budget with a good and recommend agency. If we are two at least could be around 750 USD all included, for the climb is around 5 or 6 days going and coming back.

    I’m flexible with the dates!