Annapurna Circuit Trek/Manaslu circuit, Tsum Valley- ((open to suggestion))

Hi everyone,
I’m planning a trekking, camping holiday for 3weeks or more, I’m planning to visit Nepal from end of March till Mid of May(6weeks) sorry I’m looking something a bit different to what I see or read, of course will be trekking, but in a camping style to keep my budget as low as possible so I can stay longer in Nepal and explore more and more of Nepal culture, food and nice nature seen, and of course smoking some weed (definitely not much). I would prefer a slower pace to enjoy the trek, as I like to take my time and enjoy everything around; I’m easy going and love adventure and nature. If I can find like-minded trekkers and campers that would be great if not I will just do it solo. I won’t ask anyone to pay anything, every one pay for him/her self. This is a backpacker trip. For myself I wont bring any gear to Nepal I will just hire and buy my gear from Nepal so that I can sort of help businesses in Nepal. I respect people different background and culture so I wont disturbs local what so ever and I’m not going to party around, just chill and enjoy what the country offer. If we like any spot while we trek we can stay longer in the spot and no rush.
What I’m looking for:
– Annapurna Circuit Trek/Manaslu circuit, Tsum Valley- ((open to suggestion- why not someone could have a better idea or plan)) .
– Small group of people with alike minded.
– Will be great to meet in KTM at least 3 days before the trip, for last minutes shopping and planning and pay any permit we need.
– If you have your gear that’s fine if not we could share to hire or buy what we need.
– I’m there to enjoy the country and not to ruin it so we should have a respect of thier culture and not disturb community.
– For food we can buy from villages while we pass.
– We can sometime stay in tea house so we can have a shower and a good rest.



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