Annapurna Circuit Trek/Annapurna Base Camp

Bus from kathmandu to Besi Sahar then trek over Throng La and continue to Ghorepani where I will head towards Annapurna Base Camp at whatever walkng pace allows me to have the best trip.



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  1. Hey Mitchell,

    I might be interested to join you with the whole trek! The only thing is that i`d rather do it some days earlier, so i already responded to a couple of other adverts. If that doesnt work out though, id love to go with you! Ill come back on it when i have for clarity about the whole situation (probably in a couple days).


    (sorry for the lack of reading signs: im writing this on a spanish computer and have no clue where everything is located)

    • Hey Tije,
      That’s fantastic if you can! Else have a great trip anyway 🙂

      Cheers, Mitch

  2. Hey Mitchell,
    I am a 25 year old auditor from Ktm planning to start the ABC trip from 28th Nov. I can start my leave from 27th too. In moderate pace, im sure it wont take 25 days to complete the trek. If you are willing to team up, please contact me ASAP.
    You can also find me on FB… Its the same email id.
    Asim Shakya

  3. Hey there! Are you still planning on trekking this? I was originally planning to do an Everest region trek, but turns out I will be in Gorkha in less than a week. I would be interested in finding out your plans and seeing if i can work out joining you! thank you!

    • Hi Rosie. Yep I’m still planning on doing this. I plan to start around the 26/27th Nov but i’m flexible. I’ll probably end up trekking approx 30 days from the annapurna circuit and ABC at the end. But even if you can meet up for the first half that’d still be great!

  4. Hey Mitchell! How you doing? I arrived yesterday to Ktm and planning to start the circuit this Thursday or Friday. Actually I am on my own so it would be great to find some partners. I will take a bus from ktm to pokhara this wednesday to leave some things there and then go to Besi sahar where we could meet. What do you think?


    • Sounds great Pelayo. I got into Ktm today so do you want to meet up sometime tomorrow?