Annapurna Circuit Trek + Tilicho Lake

Looking to trek Annapurna circuit, perhaps via Tilicho lake and finishing in Jomsom. It would be great to do it with a couple of people. Flexible route wise.

Have done some +4000m treking before, but never been to Nepal. Have read it will bve very cold,with the chance of snow but generally dry otherwise. Less trekkers during this time really appeals to me.

Would consider getting a guide with a couple of people together who are similarly experienced to me. Or if there is someone confident looking for travel partners I’d love to hear from you!




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  1. Hi there,
    still looking for trekkingpartners to do The Annapurna Circuit Trek (with Tilicho Lake) around the same period as you. I do have to be in Kathmandu again around the 20th of december.
    Are you still looking for partners and/or do you have more details about your trip?

    Greetings from Belgium!!


  2. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for your message!

    Yes definitely looking for partners still,

    I am pretty well locked in to arrive on the 10th of December, so iam not sure if that would be enough time to complete the circuit before the 20th. I may be able to join you after that date though, how many days did you intend on committing to it?

    I am thinking more that i should get a guide, as it is the quieter season and a lot of the accommodation along the trek is going to be closed. Especially navigating the Tilicho lake area. I think i would like to start in the Chamje area and trek though to Jomsom on the other side.

    Iam not sure if you have seen it but this video about trekking the circuit in December last year is really good/helpful !

    Cheers from the Whitsundays in Australia !


  3. Hey Pete, I arrive in Kathmandu on the 12th and am planning on heading to the Circuit on the 13th. I leave Kathmandu on the 30th of December so I have a good amount of time to trek. I plan on going the whole circuit through Thorung La pass to jomsom instead of hitting Tilicho lake. Let me know if you’re interested in going together at least until the lake trail

  4. Hey Mathew,

    That could work, if i don’t get anyone else to go to Tilicho lake i may continue on through Thorung La pass as well.

  5. Hi Pete, Your plan sounds pretty similar to mine and wondered if i could tag along

    I fly into KTM on the 29th and then will make my way to Pokhara to start Annapurna. Happy to contribute towards guide too!

    All the best, Joe

  6. Hey Pete,

    Will be beginning my trip to Tilicho, Mukthinath via Thorung La starting on 9th from Pokhara and finishing in Jomsom. From there jeep to Poon hill and then to ABC and finish in Pokhara. Have sent you a message. Kindly let me know. Would be great to have a trekking partner. Have done two treks above 5000m but this would be my first winter trek.

  7. Hi Pete,

    I’ve been planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit in December and would gladly join you if you still haven’t found a trekking partner or if your group still has room. I’m still trying to make a more detailed plan, so I’m also pretty flexible with the exact route, as long as we finish in 16-18 days. I’ll be leaving in the beginning of January, but I would like to visit other places before I have to fly back to Finland.

    I have no prior experience of trekking in 4000-5000m, but I’ve done smaller treks in Finland (and in much lower altitudes). I’d prefer to hire a guide on this trek. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on 6.12.

  8. Hi Pete! I’m arriving tomorrow to Kathmandu and I’m still haven’t decided whether to hire a guide or to book the entire trip. A trek without a guide would be by far my first choice, but solo hiking it’s not an option for me in winter and in a not explored territory (Is my first time in Nepal). Are you still looking for travel buddies? I’m available for hiking til the 30th of December.

    • Hey, how are you? Did you find out what to do? I recently arrived to Kathmandu and want to do the trek near this dates. If you want we can share a guide or do it on our own.
      Let me know what your plans are