Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi people! I’m a 28-year-old girl from Barcelona (Spain) and I’m landing in Kathmandu on the 21st October this year. I am planning to go trekking, probably to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek, starting around the 23rd or 24th October. I am travelling alone but I would like to meet people with similar plans to hike together, although I know this is a very popular trek and it’s not difficult to meet people once there. Anyone interested?

Roser 🙂



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  1. Namaste Roser,
    I am a little ahead of you here in Nepal I am doing short Annapurna Circuit (Poon HIll) I come every year for holiday in Nepal. I am Nepalese and visiting my family for our festival. I am sure you will meet other trekkers on the trial. This is very popular trekking route and a wonderful adventure. Please keep safe and do not take any offer from the street. Go with the registered company if you plan to hire a porter or guide. I am sure you must have read many facts about Nepal regarding drinking water and eating safety. Have a wonderful adventure in Nepal.



  2. Namaste Suman,

    Thank you very much for your advices and encouragement. Enjoy your trekking as well!

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Roser,

    I’m looking to make a hike around then as well. Are you going for the full three week trek or are you looking for a shorter trek? I’m currently enjoying Kathmandu, in case you’re here as well we can meet?


  4. Hi Roser
    I live in pokhara Iam also planning to go annapurna treak let me know if its work for you the date,

  5. Hi Jeroen,

    I don’t know yet if I’ll do the whole trek, but probably yes. I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 21st October, and I’ll stay there for at least 3 nights; I am planning to visit the surroundings (Swayambhunath, Patan, Pashupatinath,…) and go to Pokara either the 25th or the 29th, to start the trek on the 30th. Nothing’s for sure though, as I am still trying to find people to do the trek and I don’t know about there availability exactly. If you are still in Kathamandu on the 21st, let me know and we can meet and go for a walk or have a drink.

  6. Hi Bishpo,

    What I told to Jeroen: I don’t know the exact dates yet, but I can let you know. What’s your plan?

  7. Hi I also looking for people, I want started trekking circuit Annapurna next week
    now I am in Pokhara, sunday I go to rafting and back 22 ocotober, 24 will be perfect for me. 🙂
    Name Anna from Poland, 29 years old.:)

  8. Hey Roser I live in pokhara but Iam planning to go chitwan tomarow then ktm for may be few days after that \i will back to pokhara,ya it will be nice to see and discuss more about if its work to travel together,you can reached me by

  9. Hi Anna,

    I’m also looking to start my trek on the 23th or 24th from pokhara. Are you going for the full 3 week trek or a shorter one like me?

    Let me know if you are interested in company for the trek:

    Kind regard,

  10. Hi people! In the end my plan is to start the 30th October. With other solo trekkers, we started a “group”. This is the link for it: Join us if you like the plan!

    Roser 🙂

  11. Hi Rosner,
    I am flying in from Australia to kathmandu on the 21st also, and planning to spend a few days in kathmandu, before setting off on the (hopefully) full annapurna circuit, around the 30th. I have seen another group on here, leaving from pokhara on that date also. Perhaps we could work something out?

  12. Hi Claire! I’m in this group starting the AC on the 30th actually. What at your plans for these days till the 30th? I’m staying in Kathmandu at least 3 nights, and then the 28th and 29th nights in Pokhara. I would like to visit Kathmandu and the surroundings, and then Pokhara. Would you like to meet in Kathmandu for a coffee or a stroll? This is my email address:

    Hope to hear from you. Have a good trip to Kathmandu!

    Roser 🙂

  13. Hi all,

    I will be doing the Annapurna Circuit from Besisahar to Jomsom. I will be reaching Kathmandu tomorrow and planning to start the trek on 26 oct from Kathamndu.

    Is anyone interested? I currently do not have any trekking partners yet.