Annapurna Circuit Trek or Manaslu

Hi, I am Igor from Slovakia.I am looking for somebody who can do this trek with me, I expect approx. 20 USD per day and per person. It will take 18-19 days.
I have experiences ,I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Elbrus.
Kindly email or call me if anyone interested.
See you.



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  1. Let me arrange your trekking permit and a guide (If you prefer) need!
    Sharing a guide won’t hurt, it will only help.
    I’ve been trying to bridge the need of a trusted and fun guide for a trekkers to make their trekking more comfortable, more enjoyable.
    I provide guides with different personalities, different interests.
    All I need to know is your preference in a guide. And i’ll run like a wind to find it for you.
    I am a guide myself and a trekker as well. I’ve been a guide myself for years and i’ve hired a guide in Julian Alps. So, I think I understand the importance of a good companionship, good team for a comfortable journey.


  2. Hi Igor, I will arrive in Kathmandu on April 4th, I have 3 nights booked in the city and I am planning to do Annapurna Circuit Trek afterwards. It will be nice to have someone to share the road with. I do not have as much experience as you do but I’ve done long distance treks and I believe I can be as fast as you are 🙂 If you would like to go together with me you can find me on FB and we can talk more there – I have same name and picture in my profile there. Looking forward to speaking with you 🙂

  3. Hello All and ‘Namaste!’ warm greeting from Nepal
    By the way, my name is Sagar karki. i am original from Dolakha, Nepal.
    As my profession i am a Trekking Guide and trek and tour operator.
    Even though i have been working in this field for 6-7 years, i have been working as guide for four year after taking license from Government office( Department of tourism). I don’t have that much like 10, 20 years working experience but i give my best services to my clients.
    if you want to know more about me and my profession you can log me in on your facebook. you can search me as sagar.karki.3192 on facebook.
    I am free lance guide as well i work for the company.
    i am been done many time whole Annapurna Circuit and still have been doing and i think i have good experience about the Annapurna Trekking and i give more information to my clients which mostly foreigners expect from us.
    i love like to make different friends from different part of the work and i like to share ideas and knowledge with each other.
    if you guys still looking for the guide, you can contact me(if you want) i don’t say my self i am perfect guide for you but for sure i will provide you my best services and information.
    And hope i will get reply from you
    Thank you

  4. Hi Igor,

    I am arriving in Kathmandu on April 5th and I am also planning to do the Annapurna circuit. At first I was planning this trip with a friend, but he can’t go anymore, so I am going to Nepal by myself.
    I’d like to do the trekking independently, without a guide but would be great to join a group or trek with another person, especially for safety reasons.
    My flight to India is on April 27, but I could change it depending on plans, as I only return to Brazil on May, 3rd.
    Please let me know about your plans, It would be great to join you!

    Kind Regards,

  5. namaste trekkers
    i m mattia , italian guy living in london
    i would like-love doing this trek with some other people.
    i ll be in nepal for 3 months and i will be in annapurna region in april
    my tim card is from 1 april to 5 of may.
    let me know if i can enjoy the group.
    thanks in advance

  6. Hi All,

    we are 2 ppl looking for 1 or 2 more to share a car from KTM to Pokhara instead of taking a bus for more convenient stops, maybe some sights on the way. We are planning to leave KTM on 6th of April, car costs approx 100 $, so 25$ each.

  7. Hi all! I’m planning do this trek too (18 days starting in Besisahar). I will arrive at khatmandu on 6th April and maybe start the trekking on 9th. We can go directly from KTM to Besisahar.

  8. Hi everyone! I’m in Pokhara and I’m planning to start the Annapurna Circuit in a couple of days, maybe on the 8th or 9th. I’m travelling alone so I’d like to join a group or someone in the same situation to do this trek.
    Let me know, thanks!

  9. Hi everybody, I would really like to join the group too. Shall we make a whatsapp group for more easy communication? 🙂