Annapurna Circuit Trek – Nar Phu trek


On 21st of July I will arrive in KTM in order to do the Annapurna Circuit trek!

Departure to Besi Sahar would be on the 22-23 of July. I am eager to find people who want to join me in doing the Nar-Phu trek as an add-on to the APC. Since this is a restricted area, the minimum number of trekkers is two people.

About myself: 22 years old guy from the Netherlands. Passionate traveller who is easy-going and open-minded.

Any messages are welcome!





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  1. Hey Laurent! My name is Chris. My girlfriend and I will be going to Kathmandu the same time as you! We’d be interested in doing the Nar-Phu as an add-on as well but the price is a bit of a put-off…. We’d definitely be up for the APC. Are you still going to do the APC?

  2. Hey Chris, good to hear from you. Yes, I still plan on doing the APC for sure. Currently looking at options for Nar-Phu but not really inclined to pay additional 1500$ for it. Meet up in KTM on the 21st?

    • Hey man,

      Sorry, I accidentally recalled my flight date wrong! We won’t be there until the 22nd, so we’d have to leave for the trek starting on the 23rd…. is that okay with you?

      Also, do you have a what’s app #? I’m currently in China, so I have to use a VPN to get over the firewall and get on this website, so my response time is really slow. You can message me if you have one, if not just on here is fine: +8613875962086.

  3. Hey Laurent! My name is Jay. I am a college freshman.I’m from China and I might set out to Nepal with Chris&his girl friend around 21th July.How about trekking together and being a team? I am friendly,outgoing. Plz add my I.t. Jayfeng1 or my whatsapp +8618783808502 Looking forward to exploring Nepal with u!