Annapurna Circuit Trek – Mid October 2013

Somewhere in the middle of october, probably the week of 14 october, I’m planning to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek. I don’t want to do it with an organised tour or with a guide, because I like to have a little bit freedom on the trek and to make some side trips. But I do like to make the trek with some other travellers. So who want’s to join me? And what are your plans?

My name is Rick, I am an 23-year old guy from the Netherlands, making my second big trip in Asia. In 2011 I travelled in Indonesia and now I’m heading for Nepal & India!



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  1. Hi Rick, I am interested in joining you – we have very similar plans! What is your email address? Averyll

  2. Hi Averyll, I’ve send you an email!

  3. Hi Rick, I am also interested to join you, at least for a part of it. I got 7 to 10 days off starting the 10th of october.

  4. Hi Thomas!

    Thanks for your response. I am planning to start the trek around the 17th/18th of october. Does that suit you?


  5. I am sorry, my vacations are not flexible…I only have from the 10th to the 20th off.
    Have fun there guys!


  6. Hey Rick,
    oohh 17th/18th october and 3-4 weeks without guide sound perfect!! EXACTLY what i was planning 🙂 I’ll arrive in KTM the 16th of october (probably i need 2 days to acclimate to the height?!) but if you would start the 18 i’m so in! 😉

  7. Hi Rick,

    Have you sorted your trip yet? I arrive Kathmandu on the 15th and would be interested in joining. Drop me a line and let me know