Annapurna Circuit Trek in March 2017

Hello world!

I’m trekking Annapurna Circuit in March 2017 and would love to find someone to share the experience with. I think it’s smart not go alone, for safety and for fun. A small group would do, too.

I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on March 7th and hope to start the AC a couple of days after that. I’ve got a month to spend in Nepal and don’t want to rush it. I’m planning to walk all the way, around 14-16 days, but also want to stay flexible and change the plan should I feel like it. Would also like to do some of the side trips.

I won’t hire a guide or a porter but will sleep and buy food from the local tea houses. I’ve read a lot about the AC online and also bought the updated guidebook (Trekking the Annapurna Circuit including new NATT-trails which avoid the road) to bring along.

Something about me. I’m 31 years old and live in Helsinki, Finland. I love outdoors, especially rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and cycling. I’ve been working in communications for the past 5 years and will hopefully start a one-year wilderness guide training next fall.

Sounds good? Great!

Please reply and tell a little bit about yourself and your plans and wishes regarding the AC. Then let’s connect on Facebook for easier communication. Btw, would be great to meet up in Kathmandu and travel together to Pokhara or Besishar.

Yours, Liisa



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  1. Hi Liisa, I’ve sent you a message!
    Cheers, Alex

  2. Hello is there any chance to start earlier? I have a month off from my work and it starts from 1st to 31st.
    So i m planing to start the trek on early march
    Let me know about your opinion

  3. Thanks Alex, just replied 🙂

    Ariel, I’ll arrive in Nepal on March 7th and need a couple of days to sort things out so unfortunately can’t start earlier.

  4. Hey Lisa…
    Okey then, wish you have a great trip

  5. Helo Lisa, i just send you an email

  6. Hi Lisa , I plan to commence the trek on the 11th or the 12th ? Would be happy to discuss plans or provide company and moral support for part of your trek!

  7. Hey Liisa,

    I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 8th and plannig to leave on the 10-11th. I’m having similar plans to yours however I’ll take a porter. Please let me know if you are interested? I’m new to this website so not sure how it works with messaging
    Joyce 🙂

  8. Did you end up finding a partner/ group? I’m 33, from Canada, planning on doing the circuit for 14/20 days. Currently I’m in Kathmandu. We could also meet up when you arrive— but I feel from your profile we would get along.

  9. Thanks everyone, just sent you inbox messages 🙂

  10. Hi Liisa! I’m 29 years old and I live in Warsaw Poland and work as a doctor. I used to work in Nepal as a volunteer and I speak some Nepali. I love to travel and meet people from around the world. I’m coming to Ktm 09.03. I have similar plans as you do. It would be great to Travel together 🙂