Annapurna Circuit Trek and possibly base camp

Hey all,

Due to the plane accident, my departure date has changed slightly. I’m planning on trekking the Annapurna circuit and possibly the Annapurna base camp… time permitting. I’m arriving in Kathmandu on March 11 because of the accident and hoping to start the circuit on March 12. I am in decent shape and am told I’m a relatively quick trekker. That being said, I’m into photography a bit and will be stopping a lot to take photos, so I’m not in a race. I have to be back in Kathmandu for my return flight on April 8 so I want to trek as much as possible between March 12 and April 8. I’m open to any and all side treks to the lakes and such. If there is time I will try the ABC. I’m looking for fun loving partners to create a merry band of Trekkers. I understand that people walk at different speeds but it would be cool to meet up at the end of the day to celebrate the day’s triumphs and funny stories.



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  1. Hey Sascha,

    Perhaps you can write to Joe who is “organizing” a group. We’re four right now as far as I know planning to leave around the 8th or 9th and see if our plans can align 🙂

    • Hey Du,

      I really want to get started on March 7 since I have my return ticket already booked on March 31. Sounds like you guys want to leave on the 8 or 9 of March.

  2. Hey, I’m leaving tomorrow for circuit if you wanna pair up. I think Im gonna be a little slower than you but if you stop for photos I’ll be able to catch up. Hopefully you get this tonight. Message me and hopefully we can meet up for a drink before. I really wanna do circuit but must be in Pokhara on the 18th.

    • Hey Megan,

      I would have absolutely partnered up with you, but because of the plane accident at Kathmandu airport, my flight was canceled. I’m now arriving on March 8 and starting the trek on March 9. If you definitely have to be in pokhara by the 18th then I guess there’s no chance you could leave a few days later. Too bad! Well, let me know if anything changes with your schedule. Best of luck!

  3. Hello Sascha,
    My name is Misty. I am currently going to be in Kathmandu March 7 till first week of April. I am looking for a last min Trek partner. I have been on 2 treks in India roughly 6 months ago. Would love to hear back from you. I landed this trip on a whim and a friend had to pass on the trip last minute. Do you have a trek partner? Would like to hear back from you. Thanks

    • I forgot to mention, I am looking to do ABC trek. I will be trying to plan this trip as cheap as possible by staying in teahouses.