Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hiking around Annapurna and probably staying some days in Pokhara.



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  1. Hi,

    I saw you are looking for Annapurna trek partner smile emoticon…I would like to go to Nepal and it is a bit difficult to find someone to go with… are you going alone? do you already have a trek plan? Marijana

    • My idea is not going with a group but with a porter/guide: around 14/16 days annapurna circuit and poon hill….what about you?

  2. Hi all, heading back to Nepal nov 2 for some more independent trekking and always looking for others

    • do you think to go with a group, with a sherpa or alone?

  3. I’m going to either go solo or try to find a small group but will have no need for a guide or porter. Did ebc solo with no problem

  4. I think so too, just to organize perfectly the backpack 😉 i imagine it is quite easy to find other people on the way, isn’t it?

  5. While having a guide and porter is obviously good for the economy. I always make sure I spend a little extra on items so I feel that it all balances out. Yes you can never be alone on the popular trails as their are other Trekkers everywhere.

  6. Exactly, for sure I am going to spend some money there: I admit that i was really concerned by earthquake!

  7. Hi all,

    I too am searching for a small party to discover Nepal with, and would love to hear more. I’ll be traveling around Asia, stopping in Nepal for about a month, and would make this apart of that. Interested to find out if I can rent gear as I’ll have general gear for mild weather backpacking. Look forward to hearing back from the group! 🙂 -Jeff

    • hey man! i am thinking to start circuit annapurna the 30th, i found a guide (no porter) for 20$/day and it seems it will be long 17 days!