Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey guys!

Im Mediya and I’m a german-kurdish 24 year old female solo-traveller from Germany. Im also a Medicine Student in my last year and wanted to fulfill my big dream of hiking in Nepal before the work-life begins!

The plan is still in the making so Im quite flexible concerning the exact route. We can take a guide or do it on our own, depends on what we all feel comfortable with. Ill arrive in Kathmandu on the 3rd of September and would be ready from the next day on.

Hit me up if youre interested in joining!



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  1. Hi. I arrive on 2nd. I know I am going to trek and also do a kayaking course

    Am a single male British/Canadian. If you are not comfortable with that I understand. Just let me know.

    I want to do a 10-12 day trek. Not too high, certainly not over 5000m if possible.

    I am staying a few days with a Nepali friend and his family – we did our Masters together 18 months ago in the UK – so happy to meet up in KTM to discuss.



  2. Hi Mediya,

    I may be arriving a little late for you as I get to Pokhara on Sept 4. I want to do the Annapurna Circuit but the weather forecast calls for the Monsoons to continue. I am not afraid of rain, but it sure makes the views bad. Would you consider a side trip to Mustang? It is in a ran shadow and it will allow the monsoons to decrease. After Mustang I plan to resume the AC trek.

    About me. I’m from the US and have hiked a lot around the world. I am a retired ultrarunner and move along the trail pretty well. I am funny, informed on many topics, and my religion is on the trails.

    Let me know if that works,