Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi All,

I am planning on trekking for 12 days along the Annapurna Circuit. I have arranged a guide (who comes well recommended by a number of my friends who have used his services over the last several years. However at the moment its just me doing the trek (with the guide + porter of course) and so I am looking to see if anyone wants to join me for the 12 days of trekking?

The cost is USD $950 (which is the all inclusive price charged by the guides company, includes him, porter(s), food, accommodation, transport, etc). All the money goes to the guides company there is nothing in this for me (aside from finding company to join me). This price (of course) excludes flights to/from Nepal..

Dates (I can’t change the dates unfortunately):

Saturday 23rd November – arrive in Kathmandu
Sunday 24th November -arrange permits in Kathmandu
Monday 25th November – 12 days Trekking
Friday 6th December – arrive back in Kathmandu

About me: – I am a 43 year old South African male (based in London, UK) and a very keen hiker.

If interested, please message me and I can tell you more about the guide and his company, the exact route, precisely whats included (and whats not) and any other questions you may have.




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  1. Hi Stephen. Are you aware that much of the Annapurna circuit trek is now along dusty jeep roads. Only the three to four days that crosses the pass are non jeep. I had thought about this trek but have received advice that the Manaslu circuit is more of a proper trekking experience of the old way. If you look on U tube : Annapurna circuit trek, ‘the good bad and ugly’ by ‘Chase Mountains’ he paints a thoughtful critique. I have done 9 treks in Nepal in 14 years, and now wish I had done this one earlier. Wish you all the best. Not sure what my next trek is. Cheers. Andy.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Based on my current research and speaking to those that have done it recently I understand a good guide (which mine is) should be able to assist in avoiding the road. My understanding is that the road has made the trek quite a bit shorter (10-12 days depending on how you do it) but its still supposed to be an amazing hike.

    I have heard good things about Mansaslu and it certainly sounds like more of the old school authentic trekking experience. I believe its a tougher trek that the AC and has less (a lot less!) people doing it which is probably a good thing. I don’t have the leave to do this trek (which my guide says I need 19/20 days to do properly).


  3. Ive been doing alot of hikes in the himalaya in the last seven years and had been avoiding the annapurna circuit like the plague, but i hiked nar and phu last year and had to finish by way of the annapurna. I could see why april and may and sept to october would be miserable but during december of last year i only hiked with around 12 people that i only really saw in the morning and evening. It was actually a really nice hile. The only downside is that the pass is pretty boring compared to the other ones ive seen. If you have a limoted amountnof time and in winter, you’re going to enjoy it. Have fun!

    • Thanks John, I am really looking forward to it despite the cold!! I agree, the crowds should be long gone by the time I get there.