Annapurna Circuit Trek

Namaste everyone!
I’m planning to start the ACT inluding Tilicho Lake and am looking for fellow hikers. Want to start from Besisahar quite relaxed enjoying the landscape, no need to rush. If anyone is interested to join me around this time, please let me know. Looking forward!



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  1. Hello Pete!

    Hope you are doing well.

    I’ll be landing in Kathmandu on September 21st so my plan is to start Annapurna trek/ tilicho lake 23th/24th September and doing around 15 days as my flight back is on October 11th. I will happily join you but instead of finishing in Nayapul I will finish in Jomson. If for you it’s ok to start trek together let’s talks about it 🙂

    • Hey Mariona!
      Great hearing from you. I‘m really looking forward to this adventure and I hope you are as excited as I am!
      I will be landing in kathmandu on 20th of september and will stay there for 2-3 nights (depending on how pleasant the city will be) so I think we have a match 😀 Maybe we can even meet there before.
      Are you interested in visiting Pokhara before starting the trek or do you prefer going directly to Besihara from Kathmandu?
      I‘m quite flexible so don‘t worry about the planned finish.
      Looking forward hearing from you.
      Saludos desde austria!

  2. Hello Peter,
    How are you ? I am interested in doing some trekking while travelling around Nepal Oct/Nov, would you be interested in joining me or know other trekkers who might be interested ? I am travelling solo and since I prefer to trek without a guide or porter I am looking for other trekkers to join me. I did the Annapurna Circuit independently many years ago and met other hikers to trek with and enjoyed it immensely ! I’m planning to get a 3 month visa for Nepal so in between treks I would like to explore Nepal. Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    • Hey Deirdre!
      Thanks for your message and great hearing from you. When are you planning to arrive in Nepal? I will be there between 20th of september and will also apply for a 3 months Visa (even if I’m currently planning a stay of „only“ 4-5 weeks time). I would like to spend 3 days in Kathmandu, doing the trek within 3 weeks, spending some days in Pokhara and last but not least visiting the chitwan nationalpark. If there are some similarities I would be happy to do some parts together 😀 looking forward hearing from you!

  3. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the reply, I will send you a pm 🙂

  4. Hey Pete!

    How are you? I’ll be landing in Kathmandu on September 18th. My plan is to start Annapurna trek/tilicho lake on or around 23rd September and doing it in around 15 -18 days. I’m in no rush. Just looking to take my time as my schedule is pretty flexible and I don’t have a fixed itinerary. I’ll be traveling around India after Nepal trek but haven’t book flight so no time constraints here. I will be visiting Pokhara and/or Chilean Nat’l Park before or after trek. If this works for you let’s talk. Super excited for this adventure and meeting like minded fellow trekkers! Cheers!

    • Hey Mike!
      Thanks for your message. I think we have pretty much in common. Not only would I also like to start the trek around 23rd September but also should there be no rush (I estimate 3 weeks time depending on with/without side treks to ice lake and Tilicho lake and other circumstances and physical conditions). I defenitely want to recover/relax in Pokhara after the trek and will do a canoe tour in chitwan national park before heading further to Lumbini and past the border to india by bus/train to Varanasi. So far so good. I will send you pm with contact.

  5. Hey Peter,

    I’m currently in Pokhara and staying in Nepal for three months. Initially I wanted to trek without guide, what would be totally fine if I have a partner to look after each other. As I have no rush, I could easily do the 21 day tour with a visit of Tilicho lake. I could start from the 25th on, no matter if a few days later… if you are interested and also in Pokhara (which is quite chill compared to Kathmandu), just leave me a message!


  6. Hi Deidre,

    Are you still going to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek??? I am from Nepal and i would like to join you. I had done a short trek up in the Everest region long time ago. I want to join you and maybe i could be a help in communicating with nepalese people on the way.