Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi! I’m 24 year old dutch student and I’d like to finish my trip in Nepal with going around the circuit in Annapurna. Planning to go trekking around the first of August but the date is flexible. Willing to go at it without a guide, but getting a guide would also be fine.



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  1. Hello Victor.
    I’m 32, Colombian currently living in Australia.
    This is my first time in Nepal, I’m arriving after spending around two months in India and I’m also planning to do the Annapurna circuit around same date than you.
    I’m also good to go without a guide.

    • Hi Camilo, thank you for sending me a message. Would be great to team up. As people urged me to get a guide during monsoon time, I’ve already arranged one and set a date. I’ve done the Mardi Himal trek with the same guide and really liked him. I’ll be going on the 31th of Juli from Pokhara, and returning on the 14th. Guide is 30 USD per day, which we can split. Transport to start and endpoint will be fairly cheap.

      Let me know If you’d like to join.

  2. Hi Victor.

    Thanks for inviting me to join you but I’ll be arriving to Pokhara the same date than you depart and I wanna try to do it without guide.
    Thanks a lot and good trekking mate.

  3. Hi, I am also looking for a partner to go to ABC on a 7 day trek in mid august. Let me know how the trail and views are if possible around this time if you can!