Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello, outdoor lovers!

If you like spending time with someone full of energy and share the same passion for the outdoors and nature together… please hit me up! (Plus you’ll have some nice trekking photos taken for memory for sure hehe!)

I’m trying to find a buddy to trek with for 13 days! I am flexible but I will arrive in Nepal on Sat 11 and leave on Sat 25 so we will have 13 full days

As mentioned, the biggest problem is that – I like photography and if that’s something you like too it’d be perfect! Otherwise, you might find me a bit annoying!

Please feel free to check out my Instagram @snowy.tang to know more about me and get in touch anytime if you’re interested!

I am thinking to go to Langtang Valley/ Annapurna Circuit. I’m going alone so open for discussion 😀

I am not a fast hiker at all and trail running is never my thing… please keep in mind. To give you a rough idea… I am 165cm tall and weigh 55kg.

(OMG this is almost like writing a profile on dating sites…)



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  1. Hey, I’m from Nepal and i also love traveling to my country at first rather than traveling abroad. My mother nature is so beautiful and I’m glad that you are also going Annapurna Circuit Trek in same day that I’m heading.
    Can i know more about your itinerary what place are you heading first, then where and places where you will be staying.
    if you can contact me im also travelling in same day.
    You can add me on
    Facebook: Aayush timilsina
    Viber: 9860560125
    Wechat: 9860560125 / Aayushtimilsina18