Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m leaving for the circuit from Kathmandu on the 23rd of May. Probably adding an extension to the sanctuary trek as well. Self guided, looking for a partner or two with similar interests.



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  1. Hello Tyler,
    I am an American currently in Pokhara and have been here for almost two months. I am wanting to do some or all of the APC and would like to go with a small group. I have some connections here in Nepal now as far as trekking/guides info and can give you all that I know about transportation options/ costs , lodging cost and so on ..
    As You may have seen there was another large quake that happened yesterday here in Nepal. Pokhara felt it but there was not any damage or injuries that I have heard of here.
    The Circuit right now is pretty much empty of trekkers according to some trekkers whom I spoke with just today(they were alone in the guest/tea houses the whole time).. So if your looking to do any trekking in the APCA then this is a time when there is Substantially less (little to zero) traffic at all the trails/ tea houses and services. Pokhara is like a ghost town right now compared to what it noramlly is. It could make it cheaper than normal since there are zero tourists and Many services and shops that offer the same things.
    Look forward to hearing of your plans and perhaps I can join .
    Namaste from Nepal,
    David Boueres