Annapurna Circuit Trek

Still going around Annapurna? I thought so… Currently waiting in pokhara…. Permit office wants to reopen on may 1st.



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    Hey Marcus,

    Glad to see that you’re going to keep your plans to do the circuit. How are things are the ground there in Pokhara? Are most travellers trying to get out of Nepal or sticking with the previous plans to go trekking?


  2. Yes, pokhara seems a little like a ghost town in comparison to some weeks before…
    Annapurna conservation office is open, but situation undefined. Today there should ba an assessed report as I heard. I’ll check this today.
    As long as bridges for road access are doable and guesthouses still standing there is no need to over exaggerated the situation.

    • Thanks for the update, Markus. Any further news as of late?

  3. Any idea where that report is supposed to be posted? I’m planning on starting the circuit Sunday as well and would be interested to hear any info. I got my permit from the Tourism Board office today (I’m also in Pokhara). All they told me is that the Pass and the airport in Jomsom are open, but beyond that they had no information. However, when I asked about areas of the trail what might have been lost to landslides they said that there we no reports of any significant areas destroyed.

    It seems as though much of the info in the city here is based on heresay. Hopefully the report you mention has better info.