Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone,

Walking the AC on my own without guides/porters and would love some company. It would be great to do a couple of the offshoot walks too. I land in Kathmandu on the 14th of March and plan to head to Pokhara then set off on the AC on the 18th however I am flexible with the exact start dates and duration. It would be great to meet and walk some/all of it together. Get in touch!


New Zealand


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  1. Hey Ben! I’m 25 and from Canada. Do you happen to have any interest in doing the Upper Mustang Trek from Kagbeni? Check it out if you haven’t already! It’s this amazing, little-visited Tibetan kingdom. You need 2 people and a guide to get a trekking permit. (But after you submit for the permit you don’t technically have to go together). I’m in Kathmandu now looking for a trekking partner for the Upper Mustang trip. I want to be here for Holi on the 20th, so could start the ACT as soon as the 21st. That would mean starting the 10 day Mustang trip about the 2nd of April. Let me know if that sounds interesting at all! -Sarah

  2. Hey Sarah – looks great from my quick Google search…! Haven’t had Long to check it out – do you break off from the AC at some point or are you suggesting doing both? Happy with either option really. I have a month in Nepal And would need to be back in KTM at a similar time to fly out around 21st/22nd. I will Be in Kathmandu on the morning of 14th March, alternatively message me on here or I can send thru WhatsApp details if easier? In the meantime I will look a bit more into it – cheers Ben

  3. Hey Ben! I’d be into doing both together or meeting up in Kagbeni if our start dates were a little off. Kagbeni is on the Annapurna Circuit, a little bit northeast from Jomsom. It seems like a super cool adventure. It’s an amazing desert kingdom. The drawback is the $500USD 10day permit and the fact that you need to have a guide for entrance. With two people splitting the cost of the guide it ends up being $743USD each for the permits and the guide (plus food and lodging each, but the guide’s food/lodging is included with that).

  4. Kia ora Ben, I’m keen on doing the Annaourna circuit without guides or porters but would also like to do it with someone. I’m currently in Kathmandu and am flexible as to departure dates. I’m 18 and from the UK so please let me know if interested!

  5. Hey all, I’m landing on KTM on next tuesday (19th) and planning to start the Annapurna Circuit on 20/21/22 if the weather permits. Would you like to team up at least for a part of the circuit (I’m probably skipping side trips and Mustang)?

  6. Hi both – keen to meet up in either KTM or somewhere along the AC. I am not doing the mustang either but may do a few side trips. Give me a whatsapp message on +1 3479013035 cheers

  7. Hey Ben,
    I fly into Kathmandu tomorrow and was going to get the 100 day visa. I was thinking AC then EBC (21days from Jiri)..
    I will send you a message when I arrive and see if you’ve already started.
    Australian who did the Te Araroa last year.

  8. Hey Linc – short you thru a WhatsApp msg cheers mate