Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all! I would like to team up with a few like-minded people to start the Annapurna Circuit with from the 7th or the 8th of March (later is also possible!). I’ve been in Nepal last year for almost three months and did some trekking and loved it so much I wanted to come back. If you are interested to team up let me know. We can discuss if we want to take a guide – for me it’s all open 🙂 I am an easy-going person who likes to talk, but can also be silent if that’s what is needed. Besides that I would like to team up to drink a beer at the end of the day, have a nice meal and play a good game of cards.



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  1. Hi Madelon!
    I shall start Annapurna Circuit from Besi Sahar on the 9th (with the bus from Kathmandu). I will be doing AC + Tilicho + probably Thorung Peak + ABC in 20 days.
    We´ll probably meet along the trail 🙂
    Here´s my phone number, in case you want to get in touch
    00 64 606 054 720

  2. 00 34 606 054 720, sorry 😉

    • Hi Samuel, thanks for your reply! My flight back is going on the 27th so I won’t make it I’m afraid. Are you a fast hiker?

  3. Hi there! Mine is on the 29th, I will have to push myself A LOT to make it also 😉
    About being fast, let´s say that I don´t mind making 20-25 km/1000-1500 m per day. I have wide experience in mountaneering and then used to suffering 🙂

  4. but anyway, whatsapp me if you want.
    I´m also up to drink a beer at the end of the day, have a nice meal and play a good game of cards 😛

    • Haha that’s what I already thought because of your experience! 😉 I would rather take it a bit slower, because I am not super experienced but we’ll probably bump into eachother and then I would love to do a beer and ofcourse a game of cards! See you in Besi sahar

  5. Hi! I’m Jenny and plan to start the track on the 8th/9th, by leaving from Kathmandu in the morning on the 8th. I have moderate experience but not at these altitudes, so would also take it a bit slower. Are you also leaving from Kathmandu? 🙂

    Cheers, Jenny

  6. Hi Jenny 🙂 Great to hear from you.
    I will be leaving from Kathmandu but on the 9th (I´m landing there on the 8th) and I´ll start walking right after reaching Besisahar/Bhulbhule (till Bahudanda or Ghermu) on this first trekk day.
    Hope to see you along the hike 😉

    • Cool! I sent you a message Samuel with my phone number. I have not decided were to start but probably Bhulbule. 🙂 Since I am slower you probably catch up already on the second day, so maybe we can meet up one of the evenings/days, before you are overtaking me again, haha. 🙂


    • Great! Do not overestimate yourself 😛 One day I can overtake you, and so can you do the following day 😉

  7. Dooi Madelon! I have just posted my AC plans on this group. See what you think. It looks as if your plans and mine might match in terms of temprement and pace! Drop me a reply if so. I especially like the balance of chat and silence you predict, I should have said the same in my post! Emily x

  8. Hi Madelon! I’m a solo traveler that just arrived in Pokhara, looking to also do the circuit! Are you still looking for a partner? I’m a 26 year old American currently solo traveling through Asia. I’m easy going as we’ll and always up for chatting with travelers 🙂