Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m currently in Pokhara and just found out from the TIMS office today that they have reopened the Thorong Pass. They said that many of the teahouses remain closed as many owners have left in order to find missing or dead relatives. However, the circuit is theoretically reopened.

I was caught in Kathmandu at the time of the earthquake, and I experienced the full terror of the situation. As a result, I have no desire to throw myself into any new danger. However, I also feel like I shouldn’t let this disaster keep me from experiencing the beauty of the trek, so long as it can be done safely.

As such, I am hoping to find a partner or two who are willing to give the trek a try within the next half a week or so. I’m pretty flexible with the start date and I’d like to take the trek slowly. Nevertheless, my visa expires on the 23rd, so I can’t push off the start date too long. As such, I’m more interested in people who are already in Nepal (as international flights continue to be delayed/cancelled).

Are you willing to join in this adventure? Are you willing to carry a couple extra days of food/water on you in case we can’t find a teahouse for a night? Are you willing to spend hours back-tracking because part of a trail is washed away? Are you ok with the possibility that we may very well have to turn back after 4-5 days because the trek is unmanagable/unsafe?

If you answered yes to all of the above, let me know and let’s make this adventure happen. Below I’ve posted a tentative schedule for the first 13 days. I also plan to follow the NATT trails where possible to avoid walking on the new road, though this may change as we find out the condition of the trail…

**Tentative plan for the first section (i.e. will change as we’re on the road)**
Day 1: Besisahar to Bhulbhule
Day 2: Bhulbhule to Germu
Day 3: Germu to Tal
Day 4: Tal to Temang
Day 5: Chame to Gyaru
Day 6: Gyaru to Braka
Day 7: Acclimatization Day
Day 8: Easy walk to Manang
Day 9: Manang to Churi Ledar
Day 10: Churi Ledar to Thorong Phedi
Day 11: Thorong to Muktinath
Day 12: Muktinath to Kagbeni
Day 13: Kagbeni to Jomsom



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  1. Moderator

    Good luck, Tyler. I imagine most people have postponed their trekking plans at this point, but let us know how it goes and what the trail is like when you’re back. I’m not aware of any sections that are affected along the APC.