Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello, my name is Lewis and I’m looking for a trekking partner/group to walk the Annapurna Circuit. I’m English, 25, quite a laid back and open minded person wanting to do the trek with flexible dates and days to complete the circuit.

I Have not trekked at such altitudes before so taking things slow, acclimatizing properly and finding someone to walk with are quite important to me safety reasons. I’m moderately fit, pretty happy guy up for a quality experience with the Himalayas and some good company.

I’m also not to fussed to switch up my trek too anything around 10 – 20 days long as I’m looking to spend most of my 30 day visa up in the mountains.

Just let me know if you’ve got similar dates to me and if your up for this trek or another one, I’m all ears..




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  1. Hey Lewis

    My name is Emil, I am 21 years and come from Norway. I also want to do the same trekk as you when it’s possible. I am currently in Kathmandu and just waiting to leave for the trip. I am moderate fit, and this is my first time trekking in Nepal as well.

    Best regards

    • Sounds good Emil we can meet sometime today if your up for it and take it from there?

  2. My email is
    Or add me on Facebook Lewis Keeling – Stoke On Trent UK