Annapurna Circuit Trek

From October 23th (starting in KTM) to November 3nd I’m planning to do the Annapurna Circuit trek. For that I am looking for hiking mates (m/f).

I will go with a guide because I think this is a reasonable way to support the local people.

A few words about me: I love to be in nature and in the mountains for sports. For sure, I am also intrested in other cultures like in Nepal. My fitness is in good condition, I’m used to do long hikes but have not much experience in hights above 3000 mts. So the trip will of course be an adventure for me with I’m looking forwards a lot.

If you want to accompaign me, it would be a great pleasure to contact me.



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  1. I’m goin on 10/14. Is your dates flexible?

    • Hello, yes, flights, hotels and guide are all booked for these dates. Kind regards, Thomas

  2. I’m also interested in the same trip for the same dates. I’m not 100% committed yet.

    Do you have experience with permitting and other logistics not handled by a guide? This would be my first trek in Nepal.

  3. Hello Issac, my plans are already fixed and everything booked.
    With permits I don’t have experience. But it says in travel guides that you can buy them in Kathmandu at designated points the day before you go.
    However it is probably good to organize it a few days in advance because of any surprise public holiday, strikes or other unplanned circumstances:
    With kind regards, Thomas

  4. Hi Thomas, I’m leaving around the same time 22nd or 23rd. You seem pretty seasoned and have a schedule to keep. I’m planning on keeping things flexible and adding day or side trips. Would love to join you for as long as I can keep up. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks, Saurabh

  5. Hoi Saurabh, yes, as I’ve booked a guide, my schedule is quite fixed. I will start in Tal on Thursday 24th. Maybe we’ll meet at some place and probably can make a part together, would be a pleasure. With kind regards, Thomas