Annapurna Circuit Trek

Arriving in KTM on 16th February and most likley hitting the trail on 19th Feb onwards.

The plan would be to do the NATT – Annapurna Circuit Trail through Thorong La pass likely including side trails – Ice Lake, Tilicho Lake may be Gangapurna Clacier.

Stay as much on the trail avoiding roads and buses, take it easy and flexible giving ample time to acclimatize. The trip is likely to be 2 to 3 weeks, of course the trekking partner need not be for the entire journey, but would prefer to stick together at least until Jomson.

I am thinking about a group size of 2 or 3 and not more than that. My current preference is to do it independent, but might take a guide if I can’t find a right group, in which case I will take a guide and do it solo.

About Me:
I am 34 year old male, of Indian Origin, British National, lived in 6 countries so far and currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I speak English and some Hindi, that can come in handy on the trail.

I am fairly fit, can do 5k / 10 k easily and cycle quite a bit every day. I have hiked a lot in Scotland where I sued to live and I am not experienced with such high altitudes.

I enjoy being active, love nature (of course), literature (read a lot & I also write), painting, art and cinema, doing yoga and meditation.

This has been a long time dream to trek the AC. I wish to feel the powerlessness and absurdity of our massive egos in front of the magnanimity of nature.

On the trail, I want to take it easy as it comes, patient and persistent, flexible and considerate.

I am a bit of an introvert, though I enjoy my social joys. I enjoy connecting and having meaningful conversations with people.

What I am looking for in a partner:
Easy going and flexible, happy to talk and share, but also fine to enjoy the stillness, silence and provide the necessary space to have our individual journeys. Reasonably fit and happy to take it easy, has read up and understands the risks of high altitude and is willing to make sensible decisions. Also is looking for a group of 2 or 3 and not more than that. Ideally willing to stick along at least until crossing the pass or Jomsom.

If our interests, plans and dates match – give a shout, let is have a chat / call.



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  1. Hey Senthil, I am currently in Nepal and looking to do some trekking. The plan you have matches my own well and you seem like a minded person. I want to hike but be able to take my time also for acclimatisation and to soak up the natural beauty of the mountains. Also want to do it independent too.

    Anyway, let’s chat!

  2. Hey, this fits my plan very well too.
    I’m already in Pokhara and plan on starting the day after tomorrow early. Let’s meet for a talk 🙂

  3. on way to pokhara tomorow!
    still there?

  4. no answer yet…

  5. But we are heading toorrow to besi sahar- if you join one day later it’s easy 🙂