Annapurna Circuit Trek

My wife and I have just arrived in Kathmandu and are planning on leaving for the Annapurna Circuit in 3-4 days (Apr 15-ish). Our plan is to complete the circuit in around 3 weeks, but we have no fixed end date, so no rush!

We are moderately experienced, but never this long or this high, so we’d love some travel partners to join us. Fun and safety in numbers and all that!

A bit about us: we’re from San Francisco, USA. She’s a scientist/teacher, I’m a software guy. We have been traveling Asia for over 3 months. We both love nature and are really looking forward to it after 7 weeks in Indian cities.



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  1. Hey Eugene,

    I’m interested in doing the Annapurna circuit as well though I may have to skip the road covered end to get back to Kathmandu by the 29/30th. I was planning to head out on the 14th but could possibly delay to the 15th. I’m from San Francisco as well though have been backpacking India the past few months.

    • Hey Mark. Sorry for the late reply, didn’t get alerted to this for some reason. If you’re still around, we’ve pushed our departure to the 16th as we’re both fighting a stomach bug. If you’re still around, drop me a direct note 🙂

  2. Hi Eugene

    I am an Indian researcher working on a Stanford programme in India. I am taking a hiatus after spending 20 months in the field. I will be arriving by the 14th or 15th. Lemme know if that will be cutting it too fine.