Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi Everyone,

My group contains already 6, maybe 7 people so to prevent a too big group I won’t reply to messages anymore. Hopefully we will see each other in the mountains anyway!


Hi everyone!

Let me know if you’ll be in Besisahar at the end of the day on 1 April.
I’m going to start my trekking then together with a small group. Wanna join? Leave me a message 🙂

I’m going to trek the circuit in maximum 19 days (first day = 1 April) and then take a bus back from Pokhara to Kathmandu.

Cheers and see you in the mountains!



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  1. Hi Esther,I’m Laura from Italy and I would like to make a trekking in Poon hill in about 6days and 5 nights.
    I would like start Pokhara at 31 March maybe..
    I haven’t any guide but if we go toghether is better..

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your message. I’ve decided to do the annapurna circuit starting from 1 April, so if you’d like to join, join!:)

  2. Hi Esther, I am sahayaatri from Nepal. I am a freelance travel guide. If you are interested, I can accompany you and offer you guide service during that time. If interested, we can further talk about this.

  3. He Esther, Ik wil ook rond maart/april de annapurna doen en zoek ook nog een iemand om mee wandelen! 🙂 zoek jij nog steeds iemand?

    • Hey Hester, leuk! Ik vertrek 1 april met de bus van Kathmandu naar Besisahar. Wat is jouw planning? Zou top zijn om samen te wandelen!

    • Ik ga waarschijnlijk toch half maart, helaas! Jammer, maar heel veel plezier met de wandeling!

    • Hi
      I am looking for a partner for ful AC starting tomorrow
      Do let me know

  4. Hi there!
    I am 20 and am looking for a partner to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek in mid March (e.g. 16th March)
    I am looking for female partner(s) preferably who are kind, flexible and fun!
    Many thanks

    • Hi Maddie. Me and my female friend are planning Thorong La Pass Trek around same dates. We are from India. If you are interested, we can plan togather.

  5. Hi Esther! I’m Jack from the UK, I’ve been in nepal since January teaching in Kathmandu. Looking to do the Annapurna Circuit start of April. How big is your group and do you have a guide? Would love to join if it’s possible! Thanks, Jack

    • Hey Jack! Nice to hear from you. Would be great if you’d join. Our group has now 4 people. Could you send me your contact details in a private message? Cheers

  6. Hi Esther! Planning to do the same circuit for the end of March/beginning of April. Im interested in sharing a guide and having some female company.

    • Hi Esther, I’m steph from Canada and looking to do the hike either Circuit or Base camp in April too. I’m not looking to hire a guide, although that was my original plan, but now would just like to find a hiking partner to avoid the guide costs as I hear everyone say it’s doable without guides. Hope to hear from you soon

    • Hey Ana! Nice to hear from you. We are with a group of approx. 4 people now and we go without guide and porters. If you wanna join, please do! Send me your contact details and i’ll get in touch with you.

  7. *sorry meant Ana in my previous message.

    Esther, your date is closer to mine so I could Make it work. I am wondering is your group all pro hikers because I think I’m only decent hiker . Hope to hear from you soon too

  8. Hey Esther,
    Ik ben ook van plan om op 1 april de bus van Kathamandu naar Besisahar te nemen en dan het Annapurna Circuit te lopen! Het lijkt me leuk om bij jullie aan te sluiten aangezien ik nu nog alleen reis.

    • Ha Perry,

      Leuk! Dan zien we elkaar dan! Wat is je mobiele nr? Ik ben van plan om een weekje van te voren een app groepje te maken van iedereen die mee wilt/gaat op die datum 🙂

  9. Hey Esther, can I join you on ur trek :)? I will arrive on 27th March in Kathmandu and will be in Nepal until 1st May – Plan was to do the AC as well 🙂 ! I would be happy to have some company for the hike !

    • Hey Kim, sounds great! Could you send me a private message with some information about yourself?


  10. Hi all, if there that many answers on this post it must mean a lot of people are available on the same date and we could therefore consider making another group ?
    In anyway, i will be in Nepal and planning to do the AC in the very begining of April (arrived in KTM the 29th of march), i would be happy to team up for the trek. See you

    • Hey Adrien, If you are willing to make a new group I would like to join you to! I’m looking to start the trek between 1-3 April. Thanks

    • Hey Adrien,

      I arrive in KTM on the 31th and hopefully able to start the 1st of April. If 1 April is not possible I hope to start 2 April.
      Could you send me your contact details in a private message so we can keep in touch and see how everything goes during those days?


  11. Hi
    I would be starting tomorrow from Kathmandu to besisehar