Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey guys, I’m going to Nepal by the beginning of Jan 2019 for a personal volunteering Project (3 weeks, near Pokhara). After that, I will start the Annapurna Circuit Hike on the 1st of February. I will be trekking from Shaynge to Jomsom in 10 days with a porter-guide.

Looking for trekking buddies to share the experience, and to havesome nice chats. I’m from Switzerland, so live very close to the mountains obviously ;), but have not made it that high yet (Thorong La). I’d consider myself fit, but I want to take it easy – and acclimate an extra day (Manang), rather than rush :).

Looking forward to hearing from like-minded People :).



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  1. Hi Robin, I am looking to do the AC around that time as well. +/- a few days. I was born in India, live in Denmark and have some hiking experience in Scotland. Of cource, AC is a different beast. I am still planning / tentative and will most likely have clear idea early next week (changing jobs!). We seem to have similar philosophy around the hike of taking it as it comes. Would like to keep in touch and see how things develop. Cheers.

  2. Hey Robin!

    Its Veronica here. I’m looking to a trekking buddy(ies) as well, planning to walk Annapurna Circuit in February, but most probably will start around 10th (we can discuss it). It will be my first such trip, but Im very excited and ready to break my personal boundaries. 🙂 Please, let me know If we can chat regarding the dates and etc.

    • Hi Veronica,
      great to hear from you :). Unfortunately, I my return flight is already on 21 Feb, so I need/prefer to start by the beginning of February. Will you already be there by then? I will be volunteering in Kaskikot (near Pokhara), let me know if you are nearby :).
      Would probably be easier to PM me..

  3. Hi Robin,
    I am Looking for a trekkingbuddy as well, also around that time! I am probably around January 30th at Pokhara. I am flying February 14th back home (to The Netherlands) so how are you planning are you planning to get back to Pokhara? Just by plane?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Cheers, Pieter

  4. Hey Robin! I’m planning to do AC sometime in early February and I was wondering if I could join your group. I’m a Canadian Engineering student and I am just doing some travelling around Asia on my way to do a semester in Melbourne. I’m easy going’s do flexible on the dates. Can you let me know what the situation is?

  5. Hey Robin!

    Looking to do AC at the same time and would love to join your group if it’s not full! I’m 28, in good enough shape, Canadian from Vancouver but also have a Swiss citizenship (but can’t speak Swiss German unfortunately). I have some experience hiking in the mountains and love photography. Message me here, or on Instagram @mdkliner – hope to hear from you! Cheers

  6. Is there time to join? Looking to start the AC trek in 2-3 days from today (jan 30th). If so, please let me know. I usually trek alone but would be nice to have some company on the way. Especially for the high pass etc.

    I did the ABC about a week ago and I’m ready to hit the trails again 🙂

  7. Hey Robin,

    No rush sounds like a nice pace to me!
    Have you already got a group together?

    I’m in Pokhara and would be keen to join! Solo travelling for the first time, from Bristol UK and work in sustainable music events 🙂