Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all,
I am hiking the Annapurna Circuit from the 6th March (can be flexible) (arrive in Kathmandu on the 4th)
Looking for 1-2 trekking partners.
Would love to share the cost of a guide and meet other like minded people!
Very active, love adventure and having a laugh!
Also keen to do some side treks as well!




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  1. Hey Annabel!
    I’m looking to do the Annapurna Circuit around the same time! I’m a solo female traveler from Canada planning on arriving in Kathmandu on March 3rd. Would be amazing to have some company and share costs. Let me know 🙂

    • Hi Maria,
      Sounds great 🙂 I was thinking the same! whats the best way to chat?

  2. hey All
    if you needed to hire a guide and organize your trip to be a success please kindly can chat WhatsApp: +977-9843451231

  3. Hi Annabel and Rabin
    I am currently in Nepal. I would also really like to do the trek in march 2019. I am also looking for 2-3 trekking partners around my age. You are welcome to contact me

    Kindly Silja

    • *correction: Annabel and Maria.

    • Hi Silja,
      That sounds great- I will send you a message!

    • Hi Silja and Annabel 🙂
      I’m Julia, 20, from Germany.
      I’m in Nepal from Febuary to April 2019 and plan on doing some trekking in my time there as well.
      Feel free to hit me up. Love, Julia

  4. Hi Annabelle and possible companions!
    I am also planning the Annapurna Circuit around this time, are you still looking for someone to join as if love to!
    Send me a message 🙂

  5. There is no need for any guide, the route is very straight forward. The only thing you need is a app called “” it also give you alternativ routes(small off-road trails that are really nice.
    Did this trek one year ago. Rly recommend taking the rail up to tilicho lake and the trail that leads over upper pisang from tilicho the day after.

  6. Hi Everyone, I’m not arriving in Nepal until 13th March but am really keen to do the Annapurna circuit if anyone is available to join me. If anyone is going a little later and needs to team up for a guide, or wants to walk with a partner, it would be great if you could let me know! Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Amy,
      I don’t have a direct plan for my time in Nepal around March yet, but I definitely plan on doing some trekking. Feel free to contact me, if you want to travel together.
      Julia xx

    • Hi there!
      I am 20 and am looking for a partner to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek in mid March (e.g. 16th March)
      I am looking for female partner(s) preferably who are kind, flexible and fun!
      Many thanks

  7. Hi Julia, yes this could be great. Maybe message me and we can see if plans fit together? 🙂

  8. Hi Annabel and everyone!
    I am planning to arrive in Kathmandu at the start of March to hike the Annapurna Circuit as well – I will be solo travelling but would love to have a small group to join! Let me know! 🙂

    • Hi Emily! I will be in Pokhara at the 6th of March and would like to do the circuit as well! Maybe we can team up? You can send me a message! 🙂

  9. Hey every one,

    I am going to do the same trek starting from 10th March. Would be great if we can do it somehow together. I am climber and mountaineer and have had enough experiences in both of them.

    I will be traveling solo as well but would like to have some partners. Drop me a line if you are interested.

    Cheers to all

    • Hi Maryam,
      Will you be able to do this trek starting from the 13th or is that too late? Amy

  10. Hi all,
    Im planning a trip to Nepal in mid March and want to do the Annapurna trek. I will be traveling solo and would love to have partners. Let me know 🙂

  11. Hi all,
    Im planning a trip to Nepal in mid March and want to do the Annapurna trek. I will be traveling solo and would love to have partners. Let me know 🙂

  12. Hi !

    I am too planning AC or ABC in first week of March and i believe that views will be nice in the spring

    I trekked Dolpo curcuit last year and i have traveled to Lower mustang in last April so i an quite familiar with the routes etc.

    Please share your itinerary

    Greetings !


  13. Hello!! I would love to coordinate trekking with you! I arrive on the 7th and can head out the next day!

    • Hey Sofia and all other potential companions, I would love to hike ACT or ABC. Was looking for anywhere from April7th to April 30th as I don’t want to miss holi. Would this work for you?

  14. Hi there! I will be back from another trek on the 6th of March in Pokhara but want to depart the 7th or 8th from Pokhara to do the Annapurna Circuit as well. Did you already find somebody? Otherwise I would be very happy to join! 🙂

  15. Hi all! I’m currently in Pokhara as a solo female traveler and looking to do the circuit as well. Is anyone here still looking for partners or open to me joining a group? Let me know 🙂

    • Hey, Samantha.
      I’m in Pokhara as well atm. I plan on doing Mardi Himal from Saturday onwards. Feel free to contact me, if you want to meet in Pokhara some time. Julia x

  16. Dear all
    I am doing AC leaving KTM on the 10th March.
    If anyone would like to share car to Bessishar and then jeep to starting point pls let me know. Local bus is very slow. We are already 2 , so 3 more would reduce transport cost significantly. Jeep is 12,000np and can take 5 people.I know it is soon. Pls whats app me on +447892898770 or alternatively will be in the Oasis Kathmandu Hotel, Thamel on night of 9th, so could meet or chat. Hope to hear from you

  17. Got update on price. A jeep from KTM to Syange/jagat via Besisahar is $250 for the whole jeep. pls call me if interested. leaving KTM on 10th.My phone no is as above. whatts app me or call as in KTM evening of 9th

    • Have confirmed jeep for 10 March to Jagat and Syange via Besisahar. If you want to join for jeep pls let me know.