Annapurna Circuit Trek


My name is Christine and I am planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek in February 2019. I am moderately fit but am very inexperienced – this will be my first time hiking at high altitude, and my first time on an extended hike.

The dates that I am looking at are from the 15th of February (arriving in Kathmandu) until around the 28th of February or 1st of March. These dates and the itinerary are flexible.

At the moment it’s just me doing the trek but I may find some friends from home (Australia!) to come with me or other travellers online who are looking to trek at the same time as me.

At this stage, I am not looking at hiring any guides or porters, but I am open to the idea of guides if we can split the cost between a group.

If these dates coincide with your trip, I would love to hear from you!



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  1. Hi Christine,

    I’d be up for trekking with you- I too am moderately fit and first time at high altitude!
    I’m going to be starting off in India in Jan so could meet you in Nepal in Feb.
    Ideally be nice to do independently but I’m also quite easy in terms of splitting cost for a guide. Are you fixed on the 15th Feb or would you consider a week or so later?


    Beccy (UK based)

  2. Hey!
    A friend and I are also looking into doing the Annapurna Circuit right around this time. This will also be our first time on an extended hike. We would be very interested to get a decent sized group together and possibly plan for a guided trip while splitting the cost. We plan on landing to Nepal sometime between the 5th and the 15th of February. We plan to get to Pokhara no later than the 15th as it is easiest to start from there.

    Let me know what you think!
    Alexandra (Tel Aviv)

  3. Hi Christine, I’m planning for Annapurna circuit around the same time. I have some experience trekking in Nepal with a guide company and will use the same company for the upcoming trip. Due to work commitment, I have more limited time to spend. Right now it is only myself and open if someone joining. We can share the cost for the guide and probably the transport from Kathmandu to besisahar.

  4. Namaste, I am Samir, renowned and experience trekking guide from Nepal. I would like to know that if you are interested to visit most beautiful and adventurous places of Nepal. If you have any queries feel free to contact me.

  5. Hey Christine, Im Veronica from Belarus. Planning to rock’n’roll Annapurna Circuit as well. It will be my first trip to Nepal, but Im ready to try myself out. Your dates perfectly match mine, but still Im opened to discuss any changes. Please, let me know If you are interested 🙂

  6. Hi Christine, Im looking to join an independent group to do the Annapurna Circuit!
    I plan to arrive Katmandhu around 14th Feb and stay a month. Im a keen walker, moderately fit with no experience of altitude and long treks but flexible and a team player. Please let me know how your plans are progressing 🙂

  7. Hey Christine, I am also looking for an indepentent group around this time, if we aren’t too many people by now.
    I’m from Germany and I’ll arrive in Kathmandu around the beginning of Feb. So an earlier start would be also fit my planning.
    Please let me know about your plans. 🙂

  8. Hi Christine, I’m interested in joining up with a group around mid February…I’m fairly fit but no experience of high altitude trekking so would also be happy to share costs for a guide.
    Would be great to hear how yours or anyones’ plans are going 🙂


    • I didnt get a reply from Christine. Ive decided to postpone my trip till October this year 🙂

  9. Hi !!!!!!!

    I too planning Annapurna circuit in mid february and i wish to trek independently.i wish to trek till jomsom since its quite dusty on jomsom to Pokhara stretch due to Jeep traffic.

    February is the best time for the trek since the sky is crystal clear with amazing views and the trails are virtually empty in February




  10. Hi Christine,

    I made a first attempt at the circuit this week however had to turn back due to weather and other reasons

    I am currently on my own however would love to have another go and your dates coincide very well with mine, I’m pretty fit but happy with any pace, currently in pokhara

    Please let me know what you think as I would love to have another attempt this time not on my own

    • Hi Jack

      I am in Nepal since 24th January 24 and I want to do Annapurna circuit, I have flexible dates from February 11th until March 12th approximately. I’m a bit hesitant about time if it’s good to try or wait until the end of February. Let me know if you would like to talk and see if we can match

    • Hi Jack,
      We are three people and we would like to start AC at Saturday. Are you still in Pokhara and thinking about going again? We thought about sharing a guide, the more the merrier (and cheaper:)

  11. Hey, ny name is Emil and I would like to join you as well. I am a medium experienced trekkers, but this is my first time in this attitude and in Nepal. The timing is perfect, and I am currently in Kathmandu. I have talked to a guide company and they gave me a good price at 760 euro’s, but that was just for me, so the price would be cheaper if we shared the expenses for the guide. But if you will go independent from a guide I would gladly join.

    • Hi Emil, we are three people and we would like to start AC on Saturday. Did you already start or could we still join you?
      It’s also our first time in this altitude and we feel more secure with a guide

  12. on my way to nepal!
    i will do it also.
    i am new her,just register !

  13. Hello everybody,
    We are three travelers who just arrived today in Kathmandu and we plan to start the Anapurna Circuit on Saturday. Who of you is here and would think about sharing a guide? We are excited about this wonderful trek, but because we are not experienced in such highness, we thought that a guide would be a good choice