Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey all,

I’m Maurice from Holland. I recently bought a return ticket to Nepal Dec 2018 (3rd – 24th) and would like to hike the Annapurna circuit. Although I do have to admit I did not investigate a lot yet, so I need to doublecheck if it’s possible with the time that I have in Nepal. I’m also open for other suggestions (other treks) but Annapurna seems to suit what I want so far. I’m traveling solo and I’m still debating whether or not I want to go with a guide or not, but in any case looking for some fun people to join me. I already posted on lonely plantet’s Thorntree and someone gave me the advice to post here as well. After getting the permit I will likely leave around the 5th or maybe 6th. Its semi-flexible but I am flying out again on the 24th, so need to be back before then.

I do not mind going without a guide if you have a bit of experience with hiking. Myself I’m also a bit experienced but I am going for the first time in Nepal. If you feel like joining forces, let me know. Looking forward to a message.

see ya!



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  1. hey maurice were about the same dates in nepal, are you fixed on the annapurna region? coz i will be doing the gokyo trek in the everest region.

  2. Hey Maurice,
    I am interested in Annapurna Circuit Trek and would love to know abt your plans and itinerary

  3. Hi Maurice! I am leaving from Kathmandu to Basisahar tomorrow for the AC, I need to be in Dehli on the 23rd, so we have quiet the same schedule. I m a 27yo girl from Germany. Also not sure about hiring a guide or not, I am open for everything! Really interested in joining you, bc I don‘t want to trek alone!!

    • Hey Alice,
      I would love to know more about your plans. As i am interested in going to AC. How can i contact you ?

    • Hey Alice, unfortunately I’m only seeing this message now and I’m already on my way to the track. I’ve left a day early because there was not a lot of response on the forum. It’s a shame we did not get a chance to walk together. I hope you find some nice people to accompany you on your trek! Sorry it didn’t work out!
      Best regards,