Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m Cecile, 21 years old and from the Netherlands. I’m planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit in the first week of November, preferably starting around 5th/ 6th of November. I’m flexible on the dates, as long as it’s after November 2nd since I’m currently doing a medical internship in Pokhara which ends November 2nd. I’m interested in doing some side trips, and don’t want to rush the trip. I’d like to take the time for it and not only enjoy the incredible landscape but also the cultural aspects of the journey. I have however never done any long term trekking’s, and like to team up with some fellow travellers. I you’re interested, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!
Kind regards, Cecile

This week we formed a little group and decided to start this monday, november 5th. We are going to take an early bus from Pokhara to Besi Sahar and are going to walk the entire circuit (max. 18 days). Anyone who wants to tag along is welcome!



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  1. Hi Cecile! My name is Rachael and i am also planning to start the circuit trek around the 6th or so of November (i am flexible on the dates as well!). I am looking to also take my time and enjoy the scenery, and am thinking of starting my trek in Jagat and making my way to ghorepani, though I am flexible on where I start and end. I am an intermediate backpacker and the longest treks I have done are 10 days, and so I would enjoy some company of other trekkers on this trip as well. Let mw know if you’d like to meet in Pokhara for coffee sometime! I am currently here by lakeside. My phone number is +19166276996 if you’d like to add me on WhatsApp.


  2. Hi Cecile ..

    Planning to go for trekking adventure To Annapurna Circuit Trek around 6/7/8/9 th November, I’m flexible on the dates given above.

    The most importantly I have never done long term trekking, so this gonna be my first ever long trekking adventure.

    Actually I’m alone here, for that reason I’m looking for a good trekking partner or group to enjoy this trekking adventure

    If you are interested please leave a message.