Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone!

I’ve made a last minute decision to fly out to Nepal to do the Annapurna Circuit, and I’m looking for some trekking partners. This will be my second trip to Nepal – I had to cut my trek to ABC short, and I have been waiting for an opportunity to return to Nepal! I’m looking for some positive and easy-going people to share the experience with.

My plan is to take a bus (or taxi?) to Besisahar (or Bhubule) from Kathmandu, but I can just as easily fly to Pokhara. I’m flexible on the duration of the trip – I’m thinking about 17 days based on guide books and advice from friends. I plan to take some rest days along the way to take in the sights, and to do a couple of the side trips (e.g., Lake Tilicho). Depending on progress, I’d like to finish at Nayapul (and visit the springs at Tatopani on the way). If things go VERY smoothly, I may take some extra time to have another go at ABC from Poon Hill!

-About me-

I spent the last 12 months behind my desk working on my PhD thesis, and so I am really ready for an adventure! I’m English but I’ve lived in the Netherlands for the past few years. I really enjoy being in the mountains – hiking, bouldering and climbing, cycling, and skiing. I’m a geologist, and I specialised in studying the processes that form mountains, which has taken me to some epic places across Europe and the US. I’ll bring a decent camera to capture some of the scenery 😛



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  1. Hi ! I’m Ewa from Poland and I’m 26. I want to start the trek around the 10th. I’m arriving to Kathamandu on the 7th, 8th I’m going to buy permits, 9th I’m leaving Kathamdnu to Besisahar or next village.I don’t have time for whole circuit-I want to finish in Jomsom -take a bus from Jomsom to Pokhara, and I have to come back Kathmandu (My boyfriend is flying into Kathmandu on 22th, so I’d like to come back to Kathmandu around 23th,24th ).
    I haven’t been to Nepal yet, I have some experience on trek in Poland, including winter treks. I don’t want to hire a porter and guide too. I hope 10-12 days to Thorung La should be enough, and after that 1-2 days to Jomsom, (My friends did the circuit, and said it’s enough, but we will see )
    Hope to see you on the trail:) Let me know what do you plan. Greetings !

  2. Hi Pete. I’m already in Nepal and just came back from the beautiful Gosaikunda/Helambu Trek. At the moment i’m staying in a village but would love to do the Anapurna Circuit after the stay. I would arrive in Pokhara on the 9th and take the bus on the 10th to Besisahar. I’m looking for a trip without hurry but enjoying the nature and would also like to go to Tatopani. It sounds like our plans match pretty good, so i would be happy if you send me a message and see if we could start together 🙂

  3. Pete — are you still looking for trekking partners? I’m in Kathmandu and hoping to arrange permits today (9th) and bus to Besisahar on the 10th. I aim to be back in KTM on the 25th or 26th.

    I’m very easy going and enjoy walking alone, taking time to reflect and appreciate the wonders of the mountains.

    I’m a Humanities high school teacher from Seattle, WA, on sabbatical for the year, grew up in Alaska, am experienced in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, USA, and would love walking someone familiar with geology!