Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’m going to do the Annapurna circuit independently and am looking for people to join.
I arrive in Kathmandu on the 23th of October. Planning to get the bus to Bulbulla on the 25th to start the trek. Ending in Pokhara.
I have my flight out of Kathmandu the 13th of November, so have about 16 days of trekking.

I am not upposed of bringing a guide. Travelling light (as is the plan) so carrying my own gear.
If anyone feels like joining. Would be nice to get a small team together.

See you soon!




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  1. Hey tina.. Me and my bro are also heading for the circuit.. If u wana join us then your most welcome..a good company would make the adventure more better 🙂

  2. hey Tina and Sajeeb, I am also looking for trekking partners for these dates! could I perhaps join your group? Let me know! Thanks 🙂

  3. Ok, so where and when do we meet?

  4. Umm i think pokhara would be better.. On the 24th and we leave for besisahar on the 25th .. Or either meeting at besisahar on the 25th .. Anything u guys decide would be fine

  5. We can meet at pokhara 24th or .. We can meet at besisahar itself on 25th .. But i think meeting at pokhara on 24th to decide the route would be better i think .. Wat do you guys say ?

  6. Meeting in Pokhara on the 24th or even 25th sounds good to me, as I’d like to take the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara on the 24th at the earliest. So I guess I’d arrive in Pokhara on the 24th in the evening.
    @Tina, will you take the bus too?

  7. By the way, regarding the permits, shall we arrange them once in Pokhara? Any idea on how long they take?

  8. I was thinking to take the bus from Kathmandu to Bhulbule, since it is a shorter drive than going to Pokhara. From Besisahar it’s about 3 hours walking to Bhulbule. So I can meet you there on the 25th.
    You can arrange the permit in Kathmandu. Normally don’t take too long.

  9. I am also looking for trekking partners for these dates. I can join you in Kathmandu itself and start the trip from there.

  10. Hi, I would also like to join you if you’re still interested in enlarging your trekking crew:) Is it possible that we will all meet on 24th Oct in Kathmandu?

    • hi Joanna!
      Sajeeb suggested that we meet in Pokhara on the 24th though, to talk about the route, and I understand we would then join Tina on the 25th, along the way.
      I was planning on taking the 7am bus from Ktm to Pokhara on the 24th.
      But I will be in Kathmandu on the 23rd, if you like we can meet then?
      Let me know 🙂

  11. Hey joanna,
    I think we can meet at pokhara on 24th. And plan the trip and then meet tina on 25th on the way at bhulbule.. I think a convenient social method would be great to plan the trip ahead.. So please let me know your fb or viber or whatsapp so we can talk easily and plan the trip ahead and plan where we meet at pokhara etc .. ☺

    • Hi:) thanks for reply, maybe I will meet with Tina on 23rd Oct in KTH and then go with her to bhulbule. Please: catch my via facebook: joanna papke

  12. Lets share our viber contacts or fb ids.. To chat easily.. Joanna , elena and tina .. So we can plan this trip easily ☺

  13. Sure, whatsapp group maybe?

  14. Whatsapp is maybe easiest. Happy to meet people in KTM on the 23th / 24th. Maybe I can convince you to do one 6-8hour bus trip less to start the trail.
    My number is 0032 485318587. Sajeeb can you start the group?

  15. Yeah yeah sure i will make the group.. Joanna and elena .. Do send me fhe numbers

  16. Your numbers

  17. +31 644073100