Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi trekkers,

We (36m/33w) will arrive in KTM on 12th October and want to start the ACT a few days later (probably 15th Oct). We have some basic experience in trekking, normal fitness level, and consider to do the the ACT for 12-15 days. So far we do not know if we will do the ACT by our own, without guide and porter or with guide/porter. We are flexible in regards to this.

We are wondering if someone is interested to join us and build a small group of 4-6 people to share the experience?

If you are interested to join us then please send me a private message.

We can discuss the details of the itinerary as we only have a rough plan so far. We are happy to meet in advance in KTM for introduction. ✌️




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  1. Hi I am also planning to do the ACT on around the 16th October. I will be going with a guide, have you organized anything for your trip yet?
    Thank you

    • Hi Jaz,
      so far we have only the flight to KTM on 12th Oct.
      We are in contact with another person who would like to join us.
      We will need to buy some clothes/equipment in KTM. Will you have only a guide or a porter also?


  2. Hi There

    I’m Jean. I’m in Kathmandu now. Have you guys made any other arrangements?
    I have no guide or porter and would prefer to hike with a group of trekkers.
    I am to start on about 17 / 18 Oct.

    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Jean

    • Hi Jean,

      We have started the tour with two others but now we had to stop in Besisahar as Claudia got a cold and we decided to split from the others as we do not want to stop them on the trek. We will see how Claudia feels tomorrow and if we have to stay another night in Besisahar or not.
      In general, our daily treks shall not last more than 3-5 hours as we want to have a smooth acclimatization and take some time for rests.

      Please do let us know what you think if you‘re interested.


  3. Hi There

    Sorry to hear that Claudia has got ill. We’re leaving tomorrow for Besisahar so perhaps see you guys along the way.

    Happy travels!