Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello everyone,

I will attempt to complete the Annapurna Circuit including Lake Tilicho and Poon Hill in 16days. I will arrive in KTM on 13th and will depart from there on 29th and hence have 16days for the circuit. This will make it relatively fast paced. I have done a few 4k+ and a couple of 5k+ treks in Indian Himalayas but none of them so long and the 5k+ were some time back. So I will be quite novice for this trek.

About me: I am coming to visit nature as most of my days are spent in the city life which is full of toxic air, tension and anxiety. I am a banker and travel only a few times a year (on my own discretion). So wherever I go i try to have as much fun as possible. I travel light and am not very demanding. So i will be very flexible till the 16days constraint is taken care of. Mumbai is where I live (which means i will start from sea level 0, imagine my acclimatisation) and i am well versed in Hindi and English along with Bengali.

I am looking for trekking partners who are looking to join me for the entire stretch/any part of it. even sharing a jeep/bus ride from KTM to Ghermu counts.

Below is my trip itinerary

Places                                                                                  Altitude (m)    Estimated  Trekking Time (h)
Day 1: Arrive KTM in the afternoon                              – –
Day 2: KTM – Nadi Bazaar – Ghermu                                              930  7 drive + 4 trek
Day 3: Ghermu – Tal                                                                       1,700  7
Day 4: Tal – Chame                                                                         2,670  9
Day 5: Chame – Upper Pisang                                                      3,300  7
Day 6: Upper Pisang – Gyaru – Braka                                3470 (3670)  8
Day 7: Braka – Ice Lake                                                                  4,600  8
Day 8: Braka – Tilicho Base Camp                                                4,150  6
Day 9: Tilicho Base Camp – Lake Tilicho – Shree Kharka  4060 (4990)  9
Day 10: Shree Kharka – Churi Ledar                                            4, 200  7
Day 11: Churi Ledar – High Camp                                                4,800  4
Day 12: High Camp – Thorong La – Muktinath                3800 (5416)  6
Day 13: Muktinath – Marpha                                                       2,670  7
Day 14: Marpha – Tatopani by vehicle                                        2,535  7
Day 15: Tatopani – Ghorepani                                   2870 5
Day 16: Ghorepani – Poon Hill – Pokhra                         3200 11
Day 17: Pokra – KTM and depart in the afternoon      – –



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  1. Hi Rahul

    Have you seen the other threads for Oct 14 start of the Annapurna circuit trek ? Shaun and I are looking for a 14 Oct start date. See my post there from today .
    I have found a good guide– we three can share him. Let me know if you are interested and we can meet Oct 12 around 5 pm ( or whatever time is convenient for all- later is fine too for me) at Shenchen monastery
    I am looking for a 10 to 11 day trek .