Annapurna Circuit Trek

I am departing October 14th on the Annapurna Circuit Trek. I would like to do something like this itinerary wise:

Day 1: drive Kathmandu to Beshisahar
Day 2: drive or trek Beshisahar to Chame
Day 3: Trek Chame to Pisang (5/6 hrs)
Day 4: trek pisang to manang (5/6 hrs)
Day 5: acclimation day in Manang
Day 6: trek manang to ledar (5/6 hrs)
Day 7: trek ledar to highcamp (5/6 hrs)
Day 8: trek highcamp to muktinath via throung-la (8 hrs)
Day 9: trek muktinath to Jokshom (6 hrs)
Day 10: jokshom to pokhara (drive or fly)

I am open to trekking from Jokshom to another location and open to trekking to Chame. I have a total of 20 days to complete the trek so I’m not set to any structured path. I just need to be back in ktm on the 4th of November.
I am looking for a group of people to trek with that can meet in ktm in the morning on the 14th of October to take the bus (or Jeep if we want to split that cost instead) and are willing to trek the entire route together. I have been backpacking for awhile, but I have not trekked any mountain over 2k altitude. I do not mind traveling with different experience level trekkers. More the merrier.



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  1. Hi Monel, you’re plans sound similar to mine, – I’ll be getting to Kathmandu late on the 11th- I’ve only done NZ independent before so no experience with Nepal. Haven’t found a Trek company with suitable dates yet so the clock is ticking for me. Am Ozzy, 40 Years with reasonable fitness.

    • Hi Shaun
      I’m leaving Kathmandu today to Pokhara instead and then going to Beshisahar on the 13th. Have you found plans that fit for you yet? So far I’m still going on the trek alone

  2. Hi guys,
    is there a place left in the group?

    • Yes plenty Tanya 🙂 I’m heading to Pokhara today which is a little change in the itinerary though. Have you made plans?

    • Hi “group” .

      Looks like this is a group only on this forum yet. I am still alone. Is anyone able to meet me in KTM 12 Oct to plan a start an early start 14 Oct to Besisahar, then trek to Bhulbhule to spend the night ( recommended over staying at Besisahar as nicer ), but am flexible if I can find company.
      Phew. Not sure how this forum works. A post or two of mine have disappeared
      It would be good to cut costs if we can meet

  3. Hi that was me above – planning staying in Bhulbhule etc. My name is Neeru, am indian American female in forties, trying hard to get into a group to trek the Annapurna circuit.

  4. Hi Neeru,
    Just got into Themel, still planning on meeting you tomorrow at the Shechen gates at 5pm- is that still good?

  5. Hi Monel,
    Am in Pokhara now and will be leaving for Besisahar in the morning.
    Your probably a day ahead of me,
    At the moment I might be meeting Tyrone on the bus who wants a partner. and I believe Neeru May meet me early afternoon at Besisahar.
    There really seems to be a delay in these messages getting through.
    Any way i am sure we’ll meet sometime.

    • I am currently in Manang. I will be here at the Yak hotel until at least the 16th. I may stay another day depending on how I feel. Let me know if you arrive any time while I’m here.