Annapurna Circuit Trek

I plan on hiking the Annapurna Circuit starting December 2nd, and want to leave from Kathmandu. I am looking for partners to join me. I am flexible about doing a guide-only trek, or a reasonably priced trip. I am a student, so I can’t afford huge expenses. Please let me know if you are able to join me!



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  1. We are leaving on 28 or 29 of November. Any interest or possibilities for you? See dep. calendar

    • Hi Harry! Thanks for the response. Are you doing the Annapurna circuit, or are you going to ABC? If you are doing the circuit, I would definitely be interested in joining your group!

  2. We are going the so called Nangi Khopra trekking, a bit off the beaten trail with nice views and not so high. Overnight at 3600 max. We are 4 man, 1 woman and we take a female guide from 3 Sisters adventure from Pokhara. She is from this area and with her company it opens more doors than going on the commercial trail. We come across the Poon Hill trail and later bit of ABC and end up at the tea-gardens of Lwang. Just a nice alternative and less known.

  3. Hi Rorie! Planning to do the trek between 5th to 31st December through the high route (Ghayru-Ngawal) independently. I may hire a porter-guide so that I can give some concentration to my photography. Will love to make a group since it’s not a high season. I am planning a relaxing tour with a lot of buffer time. Let us be in touch.
    “I’d rather be a forest than a street”

  4. hey 🙂 I’m a solo traveller from Canada and i’m hoping to do this gorgeous trek around the same time as you. I also want to keep the budget low & am okay trekking without a guide/porter. Im in Kathmandu Nov 23rd and haven’t yet decided when I’m leaving. If you still want a trekking partner I’d love to join you.

    • Hey have you started the trek yet? I should be there for a December 2nd start (fly into Kathmandu late on the 29th)

  5. Hi all! I’m a solo traveler looking to start the APC trek in late November. I’m currently in Pokhara and will be doing a yoga teacher training until November 25. I’m available to start the trek anytime after that. Preferably I’d leave for Besishar on the 26th.

    I wasn’t planning to hire a guide/porter (to keep costs down) but would be open to hiring one if the group rate is reasonable.

    I’m in reasonably good shape but will want to take my time and do a side trip to Tilicho Lake. I won’t be offended if we don’t stay together the whole time but I would at least like some friends to start with. 🙂

    • Hi Katie. I will also be free from November 25th or 26th and would be interested in joining you if you have not firmed up your plans yet. Thanks

  6. Hi,
    I am a solo ranger from Bangladesh and planning to do trek at last week of November. I am a slow trekker and a budget traveler. I would like to do this as inexpensively as possible. I am super flexible with everything.
    Let me know if you want to pair up.. The last thing I visited Nepal ago. Anyway, Hope to find someone as my next trip partner at Nepal…..

    Hit me up if we can do this together.


  7. Hi. If anyone has a trek that they are on (and would be happy for some company) from around Nov 26th then please let me know. I am a little late planning but am happy to fall in with what others are doing (I too am happy to do some on my own too but wouldn’t mind starting out with a couple of walking buddies.

  8. Im headed to hike nar pho valley and tilicho pass starying around the 2-3 of december. I have a guide ive used in the past. This will involve four passes above 5000 meters. I would love to have some company and share the costs. The trek is 21 days. I figure somewhere around $750 should do it. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. John from aladka

  9. Hey Rorie!
    I am a young German traveller and got pretty similar plans to you! I want to do the APC trek on a low budget and would prefer to try and find a fair local company in Kathmandu or Pokhara to do the trek with a guide. I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 28th of November and leave the country on the 27th of December. Let me know if you are interested in hiking together, I would be excited to meet a fellow hiking mate! All the best Thekla (:

  10. Hey, i’m a solo traveller from Malaysia. am departing from KTM 1st/2nd Dec to do AC. (il reach KTM 30Nov)
    Will be on low budget too, tho more than wiling to get a porterguide if there’s company. otherwise independent is fine.
    You firmed up your timing/plan already? Let me know 🙂

    • Hi Wen,
      I am also planning for AC from Dec I will reach to pokhara on Dec 3. I am interested for without guide with Low bubget.

  11. Hi Rorie,
    I am a solo traveler and planning on doing the trek the same dates.

    I am a young Egyptian traveler spending a month in Nepal. I wanted to spend 10 days on The Annapurna Circuit but I’m flexible to stretch it a bit longer.

    I’m on a tight budget as well and want to keep costs low, but would rather partner up with a few travelers to share cost to hire a local guide.

    I’ll be in Nepal a week before I set off to sort out the details. Please let me know if you’re interested.

  12. Hey have you started the trek yet? I should be there for a December 2nd start (fly into Kathmandu late on the 29th)