Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello friends,

I just arrived (October 11th) in Kathmandu and I’m planning on heading to Pokhara in the coming week to start the circuit.

I’d rather do it without guide or porters but I’m open for debate 😉

Looking for one or two trek partners to share both memories and costs!



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  1. What’s up felix
    Saw you on another post

    You still looking for some people to trek with?

    Let me know


  2. Hi Felix and Chris

    Are your plans sorted? I leave KTM on Wed to possibly start on Thursday. Would be great to meet up with others as I’ll be trekking on my own.

    Cheers Jean

  3. Hello All!

    Not sure if you’d like to one more along but am also a solo traveler looking for a group to trek the Annapurna with! Just got into Katmandu tonight and looking to head to Pokhara midweek but am flexible. Let me know if any of you feel like meeting up in Kathmandu maybe tomorrow if you don’t have set plans yet!