Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’m Emily from Australia.

I’m looking to hike the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Sept/Oct this year (2018) and would like to have the flexibility of an independent group.

I’m interested in general suggestions (i.e. not sure about a guide – but open to discussion) as well as looking to organise going with another traveller (or a couple), pref. female.

Popped down mid-range budget though I reckon it will be more shoe-string (but I can drink a lot of chai). The $90 is the average per day cost for doing a organised tour, I read somewhere else $21. So just a wild ball park price.

16 days – again ball park. I’d prefer the longer trip though, as it looks like a completely epic adventure.



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  1. Hi Emily, I’m Marion. I’ll be in Nepal in November. Do you still plan to hike in Sept/Oct?

    • Hello Marion,

      I’ve changed my plans (completely!) no Nepal for me this year (hopefully next year). Have a wonderful trip! If you have any tips for Annapurna after your adventure, I’d love to hear about it. Cheers, Emily.

  2. Hi !!
    Am Rinchen the pensioner who plans to do longish solo trek in the Nepal Himalayas covering the Annapurna Circuit trek + the Annapurna Base camp. would take me about 24 days in all, starting from Kathmandu and ending in Pokhara.
    Planning to bypass the roads and stick to the NATT (New Annapurna Trekking Trails) and make side trips to Tilicho lake / Ice lake/ Milarepa cave.
    few tips for you: $ 21 (if its USD) translates to Nepali Rupee 2100 which should suffice. However this means no hot baths or wifi.
    Try to avoid 16th – 21th Sept. Thats the main festival time (Dashain) in Nepal and people are in a shut down mode.
    However, my dates don’t match since I am reaching KTM on 16th Sept and plan to start trekking (actually, I ambulate) from Besisahar either from the 18th or 19th Sept. Did the EBC with a companion in 2015 and am going solo for this one. Relying on Lonely Planet…..Trekking the Nepal Himalayas and my knowledge of the local language !!
    Wishing you a safe trek and an epic adventure !!

    • Thanks so much Rinchen! That is great info.

      I’ve had a change of plans and will hopefully go to Nepal next year now. Enjoy your adventure! Feel free to pass on any more info you think is useful, it’s appreciated!


  3. hey emily! i’m also planning to hike either the annapurna circuit or annapurna base camp trek in late september or october. i’m on a bit of a budget too and am hoping to split the cost of an independent guide with someone (i’ve read it’s about $25 a day). let me know if you’re interested!

    • Hello Louisa,

      Sorry about my delayed reply – I have had a complete change of plans but I hope to get to Nepal next year. Have an awesome trip, if you have an tips for hiking Annapurna please let me know! Also Marion commented on my thread up above, maybe you two could connect for adventures. Cheers, Emily

    • Hi Louisa
      May I ask if you are still looking for a partner to trek together?
      I am planning to head there in September and I have never been to Nepal before.
      Hope to team with someone who is easy-going

    • Hi Emily I am in Kathmandu now and looking for travel buddies to do the annapurna circuit on the second half of September, are you still looking to do this?

  4. Hi all,
    Have decided to do my longish Annapurna Circuit/ Tilicho Lake/ ABC trek commencing 18th / 19th Sept.
    Am planning to bypass the motor able roads for the most part and stick to the NATT (New Annapurna Trekking Trails)
    Doing a solo trek but am planning to take a porter @ NRP 2100 / day. Would really like someone to share the cost of the porter since this hiring of a porter is making my budget go haywire. Only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the wieght the porter carries should not exceed 18-20 kgs.
    Just for information the rate of 1USD =112 NRP

  5. Hi Louisa I am in Kathmandu now and looking for travel buddies to do the annapurna circuit on the second half of September, are you still looking to do this?