Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’m planning on hiking the Annapurna Circuit Trek this October/November. My flights are booked and I will be arriving in Kathmandu on October 28 around 10 PM local time. I would like to begin on the 29th but the 30th might be more realistic.

I plan to go at it alone without a guide or porter but if anyone wants to meet up or join for a stretch of the trek I am certainly open to it. I likely won’t continue past Jomsom and I hope to make some side trips along the way like Tilicho Lake if time permitting. My flight home is on November 16.

Looking forward to hearing from others!




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  1. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on 24th in the evening, but can take the time to adjust to the timezone… I am planning to take a porter. Otherwise no concrete plans for the trek itself. I suspect some sections are just not worth hiking, with cars driving by. I’m still trying to figure this out.

  2. Hey, I’ll be in Pokhara first, but I think we’ll be leaving Besisahar around the same time if you’re interested in starting off together.

  3. Hey guys!! How are you? I’m Maria, from Spain.
    I arrive to Pokhara on 28th october and I would like to do Annapurna Circuit Trekking from Behisahar to Jomsom….and maybe after it (if I have more energy….) Annapurna Base Camp from Pedhi to Nayapul…. I would like to do it by myself, without guide nor porter….
    I’ll try to process the permit for trekking on 28th in the afternoon or if it’s no possible I’ll do it on 29th in the morning
    Do you have a trekking group?

    • Hi Maria,
      I’m Lukas from Germany. I’m staying in Kathmandu until the 29th of October. On the 29th I’m heading to pokhara. I would also like to do the ACT from besisahar until jomsom and I’m open for one or two side trips.
      I would like to trek without porter or guide and it would be great two join you and Brendan if our plans fit together 🙂
      I would be happy to join. Keep me posted on your plans 😉

  4. Hey everyone, so I haven’t been able to check and update in a while but it looks like I will be departing from Kathmandu early in the morning on the 30th. I will probably be taking the bus past Besi Sehar to Bhubule but I may try to get as Ghermu.

    Zennin and Maria I’m not sure what your schedule will be looking like but it looks like our start dates will be very close together so perhaps we could meet somewhere between Besi Sahar and Chamje. Noam if for some reason you get held up at all and are still in the area around the 30/31 we may meet too.

    I am not hiking with a group currently and do not have a guide or porter.

    Let me know!

  5. Hey,
    Brendan I’d be happy to join in as well leaving ktm for pokhara on the 29th of October. (See my reply to Maria’s message )
    Have a good flight!

  6. Helloooo guys!! So we can meet in some place.
    Maybe I’m beginning on 31th October…. But I’m not sure
    Keep in touch! This is my number for WhatsApp: +34636309218

  7. Hey everyone, just landed in Kathmandu. Dropping my whatsapp here too! +12046194021