Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello there!

I’m Javi, a Spaniard quite experienced in trekking in groups and alone. Nevertheless, it is ny first time in Himalayas so both for security and enjoyment I would like to have trekking companions.

I travel in a shoestring not only for budget but because I dont like luxury at all. I have a water filtration system, what can also help us to save money. Also, I have already traveled South East Asia and currently in India, so negotiating a good price for a room should be easy. Even more as it is low season and most teahouses would be almost empty.

On the other hand, I was considering hiring a guide as it is my first time in Himalayas. Not only for security but for enjoyment and getting more information about the mountains there and the people living into them. Nevertheless, this is optional if you prefer to save money.

I can trek quite fast if needed but I usually prefer to have a more moderate pace (lets say average speed) to enjoy the views. So I can adapt to different paces of my companions.

About dates and timings, I would like to start around 24 July and complete the trek around 5-10 August. I would never cut time from not taking out the aclimatization days, those are important. But possibly better to take a bus out in Jomson after the Thorong La pass, if our schedule requires so. Also, a possibility would be to speed up in the first days so we arrive to the rain shadow area (supposedly starting in Chame, 2600m, so no problem with altitude for doing this fast). And then we can take our time (that is, follow the standard schedule of 6-8hours per day) in the rain shadow area where we are more likely to get nice views.

Definitely flexible about all this. Just drop me a message if you are interested 🙂



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