Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there,

I am planing on doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek this October/November! I’ve already booked my flights and will arrive in Kathmandu on Oct. 26th. The plan is to use the arrival day to get the permits and to run the last errands. I’d like to start the trek on the following day allowing me to have some spare days in case something happens during the trek. My flight back home is on Nov. 22nd.
I’d like to go without a guide and do the trek independently.

If you want to join me – even if it’s just for the beginning – let me know.

I’m really excited doing this trip. I’m at full blast and can’t wait until Oct. 25th.! 🙂

Waiting for your replies!!! 🙂

Greetings from Germany,



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  1. Hi Isabel,
    unfortunately, i am a month ahead of you, leaving Nepal on Oct 27th . I just wanted to tell you that you can do permit and TIMS right on the day of your arrival, it’s Friday, if you manage to get to the office that day. But on Saturday they have a day off. I Myself got into the same situation, arrive early morning on Sat, and losing a day to wait till when permits can be done. Still, it’s ok to see Kathmandu or have a day trip to Nagarkot.

  2. Hi im interested to come , your travel dates seem perfect , i might not be able to join all 20 days…

  3. Hi Isabel, I just replied to Uros’ message. I’m also thinking about doing Annapurna end of October/beginning of November. Hook me up with your plans if you feel like doing it (partly) together or in a small group.
    I have done Annapurna Base camp a few years back and loved it, walking in a medium steady pace.

    • Hi, I replied to Isabel earlier but since then my plans changed and I’m arriving Kathmandu on Oct 24th. What’s up with your group? Not that I really want to stick to some group but at some parts it’s good to share costs, like van from KTM to Besisahar or Pokhara, or just meet in the lodges and kill time socializing there. So, what is your itinerary and goals? I also consider going AC clockwise.

  4. Hi Isabel, I am also planning to do the Annapurna Circuit trek and want to go without a guide but with other people. I have still not bought my flight, so I can still be flexible and might be able to buy my flight so that my dates fits with yours. Are you still interested to find people?

  5. Hi Isabel, Shalini, Rene and Lina,

    I will arrive in Kathmandu on Oct 26 and start the trek as soon as I can get the permits. I was thinking about doing the trek in around 12-14 days, and maybe renting a mountain bike in Muktinath and biking the last part of the trek towards Pokhara instead of taking a 4WD. But I am flexible and it would be nice to join a group for at least a couple of days!

    Let me know if the dates fit with your planning and if you wanna meet in Kathmandu or somewhere at the start of the trek.


    • Hi
      I am very interested in meeting up and trek together! I havent booked my flight yet since I am waiting to see which day that would be best. Do you arrive early the 26 to Katmandu so you think you can get the permits the same day and start trek the 27 or you think you need more days before you can start the trek? My plan was to do the Annapurna Circuit and maybe some side treks on the way.


  6. Hi,
    Sounds good! 🙂 I don’t think I can get the permits the 26, I will arrive in the afternoon and the office should be closed on Saturdays anyway. So it will be one day Kathmandu and then the bus to Besi Sahar on Monday 28. Would that work for you?

  7. Hey everyone!
    Wow, I have been offline for a while and much has happened under my post.

    I am open for whatever! I’ll arrive on the 26th in the morning. 🙂

  8. Hi Guys, seems like we could get a nice group together. For me arriving at Kathmandu in the morning on 26th of october and starting the trek the Saturday after is also ideal. From what I’ve heard there is, especially in the beginning, a normal road for Jeeps but also a NATT trail which keeps you off the busy road. I would love to follow these NATT trails, which in a normal pace would take around 21 days for the whole circuit but of course it’s flexible. Micael, maybe it’s an idea that you meet up with us by taking a Jeep on the normal road a few villages further after you start on monday? Maybe it’s also an idea to make a whatsapp group to arrange some things, if you send me your numbers in a PM I’ll make one.

    • Hi Rene, I would like to join you all but I hope my message isn’t too late. Please let me know if you’re going!

    • Hi,Rene, I’d love to join you all to ATC, and I do think some alternative trails are better, Would that be convenient if some of us meet up in Kathmandu on this Friday or Saturday?

  9. Hi all

    Now I have finally also booked my flight to Katmandu and I also arrive the 26th in the morning! I also Think it is nicer to take the NATT trails instead of the road where the jeep goes. I look so much forward to meet you all and hike together!

  10. Great, I was thinking about starting in Chame or Manang anyway! Let’s see if it somehow fits in your schedule. Whatsapp is a good idea, I will send you my number.

  11. Nice guys, I also booked a ticket and will be arriving on friday 26th in the morning so hopefully there is enough time to get the permits and some last things. I’ll contact you on Whatsapp soon:)

  12. Hey everyone,

    How is your planning going so far? I would be very happy to join your little group!!

    Best regards Christina

  13. Hi Christina, if you want I can add you to the Whatsapp group. Send me your number in a PM and I’ll add you:)

    • Hi,
      I hope i m not too late to join the group ! I m from switzerland but apparently didnt help me to plan my trip in advanced^^ i m arriving on the 26th in the morning and also want to do a trek, flexible for the way, just want to see beautiful spot and meet nice people 🙂 would be so happy to join your group if you accept me ? Hopefully not to late, let me know (i can even bring amazing chocolate from home to give energy during the effort to everyone 😉 haha)

  14. Hi all
    I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on 25th October, evening. Would you accept another member to your little group? Are you planning to meet before setting off for a chat or last minute discussions?

  15. Hi folks, I’ll be arriving on the 24th and would love to join as well. When you guys say “without a guide” – do you also mean no porters? I was thinking of hiring a porter (everyone seems to suggest it’s well worth it).

  16. Sorry, change of plans.. I’ll be going for Jiri to EBC in the first part of my trip and maybe if I have time and my lungs allow me, I’ll try ACT.

  17. Hello! I also arrive to Katmandu October 26th and want to do the Annapurna circuit! I’m Alison from the USA 🙂 do you all have a group chat going somewhere about the trek?? Or just here. I’m interested in joining for sure!

  18. Hello everyone … Me and my freind are also planning to do this trek.. We recently finished our bachelors so we were looking to blow up some steam by going on this adventure..we are nepali..
    Anytime between 20th to 30th october would be ok for us .. We are looking for a good company and we would love to be joined by someone equally excited as us for this trek..anyone up for a good time in the mountains? i hope we are not late 🙂

  19. Hi guys, I’m arriving in Kathmandu tomorrow (Woop!) and also keen to trek Annapurna Circuit, heading out on Saturday would be great. Hoping to start fm Bhul bhule and head round to Pokhara. Don’t fly back home till 21st Nov so plenty time for side hikes/acclimatisation days. Lizi

    • Hi, Lizi, yup, start from Besi Sahar or take the bus to Buhlbule or even Ngadi the same day has no problem, and it’s great to do some side trips in November if got enough time!

  20. Hi, guys, I’d love to join you all to ACT. Planning to trek for around 15days from Oct 27. How do you guys feel if we could meet up in Kathmandu this Friday or Saturday? Then going together to the starting point Besi Sahar. I’ll apply for Tims card and ACAP permit tomorrow, so excited to start trekking soon!

  21. Hi all,

    I’m super late to this lovely assembly, but it would be great if I could still join for (part of) the ride:D I’m currently in Kathmandu, about to get permits tomorrow and then ready to trek! Starting up a bit higher than Besisahar would be fine for me, the mountainbiking down from Johmsom sounds awesome; and I would love to hike up to the Tilicho lake during an acclimatization day in Manang.

    If some of the other latecomers are interested to buddy-up, please let me know.

    Cheers and happy trekking,


    • Hi, Merlijn, I’m also planning to spend few days to do some side trips instead of all the traditional routes. And yup, the trek up to the pass from Manang it’s a long way at kinda high elevation. Acclimatization day is necessary. By the way? How do you feel if some of us meet up today in Thamel?

  22. Hi Merlijn/everyone, yes meeting up somewhere today would be cool if anyone wants to join up, am in Kathmandu (Thamel) now and getting permits and a few bits today. Planning on getting bus to Bhulbhule tomorrow first thing considering getting a guide too as found one who’s lovely and not too expensive