Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey! My name is Jesse. I am a 31 year old traveling with my girlfriend and currently in Nepal. We are interested in doing the Annapurna Circuit starting sometime between June 28-30.

We plan to travel on a budget but not rush through the trek. We both have lot of hiking experience and some high altitude experience in California but want to enjoy the scenery and culture along the way as all as take some good photos and video of the adventure. We are both avid travellers and outdoor enthusiasts and would love to meet up with like minded trekkers.

I believe the trek starts in Besisahar but if we find the weather bad we may try to arrange transport further up to get closer to the rain shadow.



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  1. Hey there!

    Me and a really good friend of mine from Germany are also planning to do the circuit trek around the same dates. We drove from India to Nepal but the car permit was running out so had to come back to the capital to renew it so we’re planning to leave for besisahar or maybe chame and then start the trek. We’re not in a rush either and it would be amazing to have some company. We’re both 25 years old and have really cool music to offer along the trek. Let me know.
    Have a good evening.

    • Sounds good. When are you planning to leave Kathmandu? We plan to leave the 29th. Are you driving up there or taking a bus or jeep?

  2. We were thinking to leave the day after. We are planning to take a bus to besisahar and then maybe take a jeep up to chame and then start.

    • Starting in Chame because it’s in the road shadow or just to shorten the trek?

  3. Most suggest besisahar and I totally agree it’s the right way but cause of the rain it seems wiser to go till chame. And it’s not that high up so still okay to acclimatise properly.

    • That makes sense. I sent you a message. Maybe we could exchange contact info and meet up either in Besisahar or in Chame