Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi guys,

I’m an English backpacker who’s been living in Melbourne, Australia for the last couple of years. I’m making my way back to England but flying into Nepal on my way home to complete the Annapurna Circuit!

I’m flying into Kathmandu on the 29th, I’ll spend a couple of nights here before heading off to the trail.

My current plan is to start in Besisahar around the 1st of October and end in Pokhara on roughly the 21st. I’m currently going alone, however, would love to buddy up with some like-minded travelers.

I’m 50/50 about hiring a guide, so if your keen to hire one we can!

More than happy to meet in Kathmandu for a meal and catch up before we set off.




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  1. Hey Max,

    I’m heading off to do AC around the 29th. Let me know if you’d like to meet up beforehand and possibly partner up

    • Hey Andrew,

      Sure lets buddy up! my email address is

      maybe we can meet up on the 30th grab some food and discuss a plan?

  2. Hi max, I am in besisahar right now and will start the Annapurna circuit today. I would like to form a group with other travelers, so if you are also starting the circuit around today, let me know!