Annapurna Circuit Trek


My sister and I are trekking the Annapurna circuit in September and we would like to encourage people to book the same trek!!
Both from the UK, well travelled, good conversationalists and lots of fun!
We have booked a 12 day trek starting on the 9th September with Green Valley Nepal Treks.
It says 14 days on the website, but we’ve shortened it as we want to stay in Pokhara rather than return to Kathmandu. We’ve received fantastic service from this company so far!

Please book as we love meeting new people and making friends!

Thank youuuu 🙂



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  1. Hi Georgia,

    I’m Meredith – I’m also UK-based and looking for a trek to join around this time.

    The company you’re going with has lots of good reviews – and it sounds like part of the trek may not be too rainy?

    About me: I’m 40, also well traveled and really hoping to find a way to get to nepal.

    This starts a few days before I may be able to get away but this seems like a great opportunity, if I could make it work and it works for you!

    Meredith x

  2. Hi Georgia!

    My name is Gabby. I’m 23 and from Alaska. I’ll be traveling solo around Nepal at that time and would love to join your trek!! My flight back to the states is on the 18th of September though, so I don’t think I’d make it back to Kathmandu in time leaving on the 9th. Is there any flexibility in your start date?


    • Hi Gabby,
      My name is Layla from London. What have you decided at the end? I’ll be in Kathmandu around the same period and equally planning to fly back to London on the 18th Sept. I’m considering either the EBC or the Annapurna treks but i’m flexible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Layla,
      It’s definitely tough to decide between those two, but I’m going to do the Annapurna Circuit! I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the evening of the 31st August and plan on spending a day or two there before heading out to the Annapurna region. I’d love a trekking buddy if you decide on Annapurna circuit! 🙂

  3. Hi Georgia,
    I’m Jane based in China. I’m pretty much open to travel September 1 to September 26. Love to join the group for more fun. Also would like to stay in Pohara a few more days for some adventure.

    About me : Faired travelled – love cycling, trekking / hiking.

    Question: all are gathered in Kathmandu, right ?


  4. Hi Georgia, I am Trekking and mountain guide and also Adventure trip organizer in Nepal
    I have read your progr
    Looking forward to hera form you
    With Best Regards
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