Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all!

I am planning a trip to Nepal from the end of September (23rd) until end October (28th) 2018. During this trip I would really like to do a trek. I’m from the Netherlands and have done a few short hiking trip (maximum 3 days), but nothing at these heights. There are so many options of treks and I hope to do at least one during this period. From what I’ve explored until now I think the Annapurna circuit would suite me, however if anyone has recommendations I would love to hear them! Moreover, I would love to find a travel/hiking buddy! Anyone also there during this period who would like to join me?

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  1. Hi Carmen,
    Nepal seems a nice idea. Are you still up for this project? I just changed companies and unfortunately can’t go with a friend to Peru on the dates we were talking. So for the moment I am investigating new possibilities (I got 16 vacation days to use) Nepal would be a nice experience for sure. Long continuous hikes that I have done, Camino de Santiago (small part of it) and last year I also did a part of E4 in Creta.
    best Regards,

    • Hi Pedro, sounds good! I’m still up for this project! The plan is to hike 10 – 14 days . Could that match your plans?

  2. Hello Carmen,

    I am flying to Kathmandu on the 28 th of September and my vague plans could perfectly match yours. Either Annapurna Base Camp or the circuit. I have to return on the 20 th of October. So my travels are a bit more limited than yours. By the way, my name ist Bente, 48 years old german PE teacher interested in moderate hiking, Meeting people and enjoying country
    and culture.
    Hope top hear from you
    Greetings from Bente

    • Hi Bente! This certainly sounds like out plans could match, sounds good! Either the circuit or basecamp sound both good to me! I was thinking to hike for approximately 10-14 days so I can also travel Some more at other places in Nepal, so we’ll be able to match out plans. Sounds fun!

    • Hi Bente! I am arriving Kathmandu on Sep 29 early morning. I am going Annapurna Circuit trek, did this trek back in 2011. I am 42 y.o. Russian from IT industry. Let’s talk about our itineraries. We can at least start out together!

    • Hello Carmen, since Nepal ist moving closer I was wonderinger if you have made up your mind on the trek you are taking. I have decided on the ABC Trek. 1 steht of October seems tolle gemeinsame a realistisch departure since I am arriving in Kathmandu early morning and plan to continue to Pokhara right away.
      Does that still match your ideas and timetable?

  3. Terrific news.! Looking forward to exchanging further plans. Take care so far.
    Best regards Bente

  4. Hello Carmen,

    I like your plan. I’m open for 10-14 days trek around the circuit or basecamp. I haven’t bought the flight tickets yet so I’m pretty flexible. Please let me know if you are still up to and whether you have any details.



  5. Hey guys, im thinking of travelling between 24th Sep -7th October. I just need a trekking buddy to go with and I’m up for the ABC trek!

  6. Hello Carmen, If you fixed dates and need a porter then contact me. I have good command in english.
    Thank you

  7. Hi Carmen (and other keen travelers), I am in the same boat as you in terms of experience, budget, and interest! I would love to Annapurna earlier than later so if you do start on 25th, it would be great. Let me know where you are in terms of planning now! -Tina

  8. hey Carmen
    I arrive in nepal on the 25th and am also planning to trek.. i am solo and looking forward to find partners to trek with. i believe our dates are very similar so would love to be part of the trek with you. 😀

  9. Hi Carmen,

    I’m also planning to trek ABC on around 22nd of September. I’m here from Nepal, so maybe it might be helpful for routes and other communication kinds of stuff for you guys and I think it will be fun. I haven’t trekked with foreign people before so I’m quite excited too. please let me know your thought on this.

    @amer we can also partner up. Let me know if you are also interested.


    • would love to ma friend @dhurba

    • Great to hear that. Can you give me your skype/fb id so that we can talk about it?

  10. Hi everyone
    I’ve read you might want to do the Annapurna Circuit starting the end of september, as I would like to do it too.
    I plan to do the Annapurna circuit reverse, so clockwise, as I am getting there directly from the Upper Mustang trek. Are you interested in joining? If you have got more time, like I do, O would turn straight into the Manaslu Around trek from Dharapani.

    Let me know if any of you is interested in such a crazy adventure. Greetings from KTM, Roman from Switzerland

  11. Hi all! My dates have changed a bit as I will go to chitwan park first, I’ll start the circuit at approximately first week of october.. sorry for my late reaction!

  12. Hey Carmen and others! I’m heading to Nepal at the beginning of October and have booked a 9 day ABC trek leaving from Pokhara on the 3rd October if anyone is interested? The company I have booked with is Outshine Adventure, they get really good reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook etc. I’m 34 and from Australia, very easy going, fit & healthy but doing my first big hike so looking for other easy going travellers of the same calibre.

  13. Hi there!

    I will be arriving in Nepal at the end of September and plan on doing a 2-3 week trek. I am open to looking into other treks, but had the Annapurna Circuit in mind. I plan on starting on October 2nd or 3rd and will be in Pokhara ahead of time for some logistical planning!
    I am a 24 year old teacher and trip leader for teenagers from the United States. I have experience trekking and love being outdoors. I am looking for some travel partners!

    • Hey Natalie, my trip may be a little short for you, but I’m doing a 9 day ABC trek starting October 3rd from Pokhara. Let me know if that interests you at all and I can send all the details! I’m a 34 year old teacher, well travelled but this is my first time doing a big trek and I’m super excited about it.

  14. I would highly recommend Annapurna round circit its beautiful been there twice. Just a recommendation