Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey there!

My name is Elias and Im 27 years old student from germany. I have been doing an Internship in Lucknow for the past 2 month, but now its coming to an end and Im planning on doing the AC as a reward. I am actually not 100% certain about the dates I will be in Kathmandu, but probably it will be around the 03. of June. Maybe I will shorten my Internship by two weeks to ditch the monsoon, but I haven’t decied that yet.
Soo, heres my questions:

Is there anybody who wants to join me on that trek?
What do you think about the dates? Will the monsoon be a problem?
Is it advisable to do that trek on my own in that period?

best wishes!




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  1. Hello Elias ,
    I’ll be at Kathmandu on 1 st of june, I’ll be doing the bungee jump at thelastresort on the first day then start the Annapurna circuit.
    Would love to join in! Lemme know if you are interested.

  2. hey man, bungee sounds great actually, haha. Might do that as well. So you will go bungee jumping on the 1st or the 2nd? and then start on the 3rd?

    • Since you have to leave for bunjee at 6 in the morning i’ll be doing it on 2nd, I’ll try to get all required permits and gear on 1st , so i’ll be able to leave for Annapurna on 3rd. I’ll Dm you my number you can hit me up if your timings do match up.

  3. we can try to figure something out, though im still not completely sure when ill arrive