Annapurna Circuit Trek – **ON HOLD**

I’m looking to celebrate my 50th in a very special and different way with a once in a lifetime trek in Nepal, taking on the famous long Annapurna Circuit Trek in first 3 weeks of April 2021.
I would like to set up & hike with a small to medium sized group (6-10) of fellow hikers from around the world (currently have 4 pencilled in for the trek).
*UPDATE* : Due to Covid-19 I’m still very very keen to go but will have to see if restrictions allow closer to April 2021. Current restrictions here in the UK (Jan 2021) have put my trip on hold for now – I will update when travel restrictions have been relaxed and close to being back to normal. Therefore I may consider Sept / Oct 2021 as alternative.

I would like to share my experience and the wonders of this expedition, so I’m looking to include a passionate photographer to take and record some of the best scenery our world has to offer (if not will have to learn some skills myself), a skilled drone/cameramen to record and film our entire trip (my son says he’ll do this if we can’t find any skilled pilots out there), an IT / Social media expert to help record this once in a lifetime journey, not just for me but for all of the team taking part, plus any other skilled, knowledgable or simply keen hikers that would like to join in.
Full itinerary to be confirmed as a team effort but initial thoughts of around 21 day trip based on the first 3 weeks in April 2021.
Cost per person is very approximate at this stage but guess it will start from GBP £1,500 / Euro €1,710 / US $2010 / China ¥12,825 / Japanese ¥ 220,500 / Nepalese Rs 220,668 for 21 days in Nepal. On top of this you will need your International flights to Kathmandu, Visas, Trekking Visas & any other personal expenses.
If there are any companies out there who would consider sponsoring our team, I would be delighted to hear from you. This could be an excellent opportunity to test out a new product, new technology, new equipment or simply reach out to a new audience / market place for your business.
So if there is anyone who fancies joining this team, wants to explore Nepal and The Himalayas, experience different cultures, taste new foods (a favourite of mine) then please get in touch.
Team Details:
My younger son Ryan (18) has agreed to join me on this adventure. I have approached 2 ex colleagues of mine and they are both very keen to join. I also have a current work colleague & his sister who are up for this trek. Just recently another local experienced hiker and his teenaged son have also expressed serious interest in joinging the team. I have even had some interest from a young Russian girl, who works for a Russian Film Group and has some interesting ideas for possible Social Media interaction (further confirmation in 2020).
I am also planning an 8 day training hike / holiday in Switzerland for Mid July 2020, to get in some altitude acclimatisation training for anyone in the team, to get first hand experience of what we can expect in April 2021.
These are 2 great opportunities for anyone to come and join our team on 2 great adventures.
Look forward to your messages on interest.



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  1. Hi Gareth
    Do you intend on navigating yourself or hire a guide?

    • Hi Shaun, with a decent sized group I don’t think we will need a guide plus the time of year I’m planning on going in, the only wry handy part they are great for is sending the porters ahead of the group to book up a lodge in advance of our group. If the majority of the group thinks it’s best or would prefer to have one, then I open to their thoughts.
      I just think on our own we have more flexibility can stay at what village we like en route, not semi tied down.
      I think they do a fabulous job and the porters are super handy if we need to lighten our loads……your thoughts Shaun??