Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all!
I’m interested in doing the Annapurna Circuit trek, but if people are interested I’d also be down for Annapurna Base Camp or Langtang Valley Trek instead.
I love hiking, and I’m really excited to go to Nepal and explore the mountains there.
I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu Around the 1st or 2nd of April so we could start the trek maybe around the first week of April. I’m flexible.
I’d be happy to hike with anyone, and learn more about each other.
I really like photography and will definitely spend time stopping for pictures along the trek. Hopefully, you will be okay with that, and if you are a photographer then that’s definitely a bonus!
A little about me:
I’m 19 and taking a gap year to do some traveling. I’ve been around SE Asia since February and I will then fly to India and Nepal for the next part of my trip.
Let me know if you’re interested in joining me!



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  1. Hey Dominick,

    Andrea here! I’m looking to do the Annapurna circuit as well. As of right now, I should be arriving around the 2nd or 3rd. With a departure date of the 6th or 7th so it sounds like our dates line up perfectly. I too am really into photography so I’d love to have another photog on the route. ( you can check some of my work out at IG: andrea.x.campos) I’m looking to do this on a budget, since I have been traveling around Asia for the past 5 months. The only thing I’m looking to “splurge” on is a porter. Lmk if you have any interest in joining forces and hitting the trail together 🙂


    • Hey Andrea!
      Just looked at your Instagram and I love your pics! Makes me excited to go to India afterwards
      Only thing is I’m not sure if I want to get a porter. I’m on a budget so it would depend on how much they cost. But I guess if there’s more us we could always split the price?

  2. Hey Dominick,
    I just wrote a similar post to yours : Annapurna circuit, on a budget, by early April, so I’d be happy to join you.
    Please feel free to contact me.


    • Sweet! I’ll send you a message!

  3. Hiya, I’d be very happy to join. I am arriving gin KTM on April 2nd and my plan was to head to Pokhara first before tackling the trek, but it’s not a must.. Maybe we can catch up in Kathmandu? I am keen on having a porter, but otherwise trying to keep costs down..
    I’m staying in Thamel for 3 nights, whatsapp me when you are. And btw- very keen on these photography sessions:) M 00447517422336 xx

    • Hey just messaged you!

  4. Hey Dominick! I was Day 7 into hiking the Annapurna Circuit when my trekking partner had to be medically evacuated out of Manang. Once she is released from the Kathmandu hospital and flown back to the US (looking to be within the next day or two), I would like to finish the trek. I would prefer to start from Tal or Chame (by jeep) to reacclimate and go to at least Jomson but possibly further depending on our timeline. I need to be back in Kathmandu by April 18 to catch my flight out on April 20. Is there still room in this group?

  5. Hey Laura, hope your friend is alright!
    There’s definitely still room in this group. Can you message me your WhatsApp and I’ll add you to our group.
    All of us will be in Kathmandu tomorrow evening, so we can hopefully start the trek in a couple days.

    • Awesome! My travel phone that has WhatsApp won’t turn on (just my luck!). I have Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Line if any of those options work.
      How many people are currently in the group?
      We made it all the way to Manang so I can be like your tour guide up until that point for FREE! Haha.
      What town do you plan to start in?

  6. Hey Dominick! This sounds great! I’m also a student on a gap year from North America 🙂 are you guys in Kathmandu yet?

    • Hey Rebecca! I’m in Kathmandu. What part are you staying in and when do you plan to start hiking?

    • Hey Rebecca, some of our group is in Kathmandu, and some of us are in Pokhara. We are planning to leave for the trek this Friday. Do you have a whatsapp?

    • Hey! I’ve found a trekking buddy and now I’m in Pokhara. We’re headed off on Saturday, but add me to the WhatsApp in case we’re in the same place along the trail and want to meet up! +16475297455. Thanks!